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10 Egyptian titles beat levels record in December


Despite the wave of fears that reduced the continuation of the equity movement in an uptrend, 10 stocks listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange managed to achieve skyrocketing gains and earnings during the month of December.

According to the monthly report from the Egyptian Stock Exchange, it has arrived Shares of the Egyptian Arab Company “Themar” for the trading of titles in at the top of the table, after having recorded a rise of 48.93 per cent, closing last December’s trading at 2.429 pounds.

Secondly, the GlaxoSmithKline Company stock, which in December recorded an increase of 45.95%, closing at EGP 30,880. Shares of October Pharma came in third, having risen 41.74% in the past month to close at 163,020 pounds.

In fourth place the share of Heliopolis Housing and Development Company, which recorded an increase of 35.01% to close at 6,710 EGP. Meanwhile, ‘GB Auto’ came in fifth, after posting a 30.77% increase, to close at £ 5,100.

In sixth place, the share of the production city media Egypt came after it rose 28.54% to close at 5,990 EGP. In seventh place, Misr Hotels Company’s share came after recording a 27.75% increase to close at 23,020 pounds.

The United Housing and Development Company stock came in eighth place after rising 26.86% to close at £ 4,400. Zahraa El Maadi’s stake in investment and development was ranked ninth, with a rate of 25.5%, to close at 17,570 pounds. Finally, in tenth place, the title of Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development, which recorded an increase of 22.69% to close at 2,920 EGP.

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