10 Things No One Wants to Admit About Grey’s Anatomy: From Unpopular Opinions to Controversial Storylines

10 Things No One Wants to Admit About Grey’s Anatomy

10 Things No One Wants to Admit About Grey's Anatomy From Unpopular Opinions to Controversial Storylines

Grey’s Anatomy is undeniably a highly celebrated and enduring television series. Since its debut in 2005, this riveting medical drama on ABC has captivated audiences and stood the test of time. With its unwavering success, the show persists in creating new and enthralling seasons. Regrettably, the eagerly anticipated upcoming season, Grey’s Anatomy season 20, has faced setbacks due to an ongoing writer’s strike. However, fans remain hopeful for its eventual release.


Throughout its extensive run of over 400 episodes, Grey’s Anatomy has introduced and bid farewell to numerous characters, as is customary for a show that has enjoyed such longevity. Only a select few series have come close to this remarkable achievement, making Grey’s Anatomy truly exceptional.

In addition to its overwhelming success, Grey’s Anatomy has influenced the television landscape in profound ways. It has served as the catalyst for various imitators and spinoffs, such as Private Practice and the still-running Station 19. Moreover, the show’s impact has propelled its creator, Shonda Rhimes, into the realm of household name recognition.

1. Owen Hunt should have been killed off by now

It is widely acknowledged among numerous fans of Grey’s Anatomy that Kevin McKidd, as an actor, possesses a certain charm. However, many share the sentiment that Owen Hunt, the character he portrays, is arguably one of the least favorable on the show. This disdain might not have been as intense had his presence been limited to a season or two. Although his introduction as a trauma surgeon initially generated excitement, he quickly lost favor due to his controlling behavior, tendencies of jealousy, and recurring involvement in infidelity.

From a personal perspective, I have never been able to move past his relentless pressure on Cristina to have a baby, along with the infamous moment when he accused her of “killing our baby” after she chose to have an abortion. Since arriving in Seattle, his obsession with procreation has continued, swiftly pressuring Amelia shortly after his breakup with Cristina. His character’s continuous brushes with death have become tiresome, and it may be time for his storyline to take a permanent and final exit.

2. George O’Malley wasn’t the nice guy everyone pretends he was

George’s treatment of Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy can only be described as bewildering. He falls into the archetype of a “nice guy,” believing that his kindness and friendship towards Meredith automatically entitled him to something more. His possessiveness and jealousy whenever she pursued other romantic interests were far from endearing or cute.

Additionally, George’s actions towards Callie served as a clear indication of his character flaws. He cheated on her with Izzie, displaying a lack of remorse for his betrayal.

However, the pinnacle of George’s misconduct undoubtedly occurred during the near-intimate encounter between him and Meredith. It is crucial to note that Meredith was visibly distressed and under the influence that night, making George’s decision to take advantage of her an incredibly deplorable act. It is important to recognize that the show’s writing, during that period, did little to rectify the problematic aspects of the storyline.

3. None of Cristina Yang’s love interests were good enough for her

It is evident that Cristina Yang was an exceptional character on Grey’s Anatomy, and her romantic relationships often hindered her progress rather than supporting it. Her complicated dynamic with Burke was challenging enough, as he continuously tried to mold Cristina into someone she was not.

This trend continued with Owen. In summary, Cristina never experienced a truly fulfilling love interest throughout the show. It would have been refreshing to witness her with a partner who possessed an independent nature and provided unwavering support. Perhaps someone outside the realm of surgery, yet intellectually stimulating enough to match her intellect. She needed a partner who was content to take a step back and support her career, finding happiness by standing in the background.

4. The way Alex Karev was written off was a slap in the face to fans

The departure of Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy is a topic that evokes strong emotions within me. As a viewer, I must confess my admiration for the relationship between Alex and Jo, as well as my appreciation for Alex’s character development throughout the series. Undoubtedly, the sudden exit of actor Justin Chambers put the writers in a challenging position, but this is an instance where I personally would have preferred they chose to end his character’s journey through death.

The concept of Alex abandoning his wife right after working through significant shared issues and trauma baffles me. Moreover, the unexpected revelation that Alex had children with Izzie, residing in another location, and his decision to drop everything to be with her seems profoundly unrealistic. If their intention was not to kill off his character, they could have explored a narrative where Jo and Alex maintained a long-distance relationship temporarily, with Alex going to live with his mother or embarking on a new venture. Eventually, they could have realized that their relationship was not working and amicably ended things.

The writers had the flexibility to implement such a storyline without Chambers’ physical presence, and although it might not have provided the most satisfying conclusion to their relationship, it would have been significantly better than the outcome we witnessed. Moreover,

5. The April and Jackson relationship drama dragged the show down

In addition to the never-ending drama between Owen and Teddy, the relationship of April and Jackson is another coupling that seemed to weigh down the show. Neither character personally appealed to me, but over time, April became increasingly bothersome. While I acknowledge that there are steadfast fans of this particular pairing, for many viewers, their tumultuous on-again-off-again dynamic became tiresome and burdensome to watch.

6. The COVID-centric season was easily the worst of the show

Grey’s Anatomy has consistently incorporated real-world events into its storyline, a technique aimed at adding a timely and dynamic element to the show. However, the majority of fans share the sentiment that the “COVID season” was one of the weakest in the series.

While the appearances of beloved characters in Meredith’s imagined beach setting brought moments of nostalgia and enjoyment, the overall season centered around the COVID-19 pandemic left viewers feeling emotionally drained. The show’s decision to delve into this somber topic coincided with a period when audiences were already grappling with the challenges of the pandemic in their real lives, fostering a desire for escapism rather than a grim reflection of reality.

7. Meredith Grey is no longer essential to the show

It’s fair to say that opinions will be divided on the future of Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey. While some may argue that Ellen Pompeo’s character is the backbone of the show and that without her, there would be no Grey’s Anatomy, others believe that the series has evolved beyond Meredith’s storyline. It’s worth noting that Pompeo has been playing the role of Meredith for almost two decades, and it’s understandable if the actress is feeling a bit burnt out. However, many fans feel that the show has lost some of its spark in recent seasons, with Pompeo seemingly phoning it in. Regardless, the introduction of a new group of interns in season 19 has helped reinvigorate the show and brought new life to the long-running medical drama.

8. Meredith should have remained single after Derek

One of the most beloved couples in Grey’s Anatomy was Meredith and Derek. Although their relationship was far from perfect, it was undeniable that they had an incredible chemistry that no other couple on the show could match. When Derek left the show, Meredith tried to move on and find love again, but it seemed that no one could live up to the magic of “MerDer”.

Despite the initial disappointment of losing such an iconic couple, Meredith’s character growth and progression after Derek’s departure was truly remarkable. Being single allowed her to focus on her own personal development, as well as her children and career. It was refreshing to see her as an independent woman, capable of standing on her own two feet without relying on a man to define her.

In hindsight, it was clear that Meredith’s character arc was far more interesting without a forced romantic storyline. The writers were able to focus on her personal and professional journey, allowing for a more nuanced and well-rounded character. While fans may have missed the excitement of a steamy romance, Meredith’s growth and development as an individual was ultimately a more rewarding and satisfying storyline.

9. Mark and Callie had one of the best and most supportive friendships on the show

Grey’s Anatomy is well-known for its portrayal of friendships. While most viewers recall the early days of M.A.G.I.C. and the bond between Cristina and Meredith, there is one friendship that is often overlooked – Mark and Callie. These two characters shared a deep, meaningful connection that was built on a foundation of mutual support and understanding. Despite the challenges they faced, including having a child together, they were always there for each other. Their friendship was characterized by moments of hilarity and lightheartedness, but also by moments of vulnerability and emotional depth. In a show that is often defined by its romantic relationships, Mark and Callie’s friendship was a refreshing reminder of the power of platonic love and support.

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