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10 thousand arrested in Kazakhstan and the appointment of a new prime minister


After more than a week of violent tensions and bloody demonstrations in the country, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev appointed Ali Khan Ismailov as prime minister on Tuesday. in a speech to Parliament in a broadcast session in live on state television.

Parliament voted to appoint 49-year-old Ismailov, who was the first deputy prime minister in the previous government that Tokayev sacked last week. in amid violent unrest in the oil-rich Central Asian country.

10 thousand arrests

At the same time, the Interior Ministry announced today the arrest of nearly 10,000 people during the riots that occurred last week.

He also confirmed that government buildings were attacked in several large cities after protests over high fuel prices for auto they became violent.

coup attempt

Tokayev believed his country had survived a coup attempt orchestrated by what he called a “lone group”. In a speech at a meeting of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization via video link, Tokayev said that order has been restored in the country, but the search for “terrorists” as he described them continues.

He also felt that the main aim of the Al-Nifa protests was the seizure of power. He said: “The main slap was given to the city of Alma-Ata . The fall of this city would pave the way for control of the densely populated south and then the entire country . especially as they were planning to take over the capital. “.

Furthermore, he defended his decision to invite Russian-led forces to the country.

“Color revolutions”

While Moscow described what happened as unacceptable, stressing that it would not accept what it called “color revolutions”, in reference to the demonstrations supported from abroad, according to his conviction.

Interestingly, the large-scale demonstrations were more than a week ago, in protest against rising fuel prices, but in afterwards they have considerably expanded and transformed in a resentment against the Tokayev government and 81-year-old former president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who still enjoys great influence in the country.

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