$ 100 for coffee and $ 70 for tea … what’s up in North Korea?

A few days ago, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un announced die poor economic situation of his country and found that there was a lack of food what die Economic crisis in the face of fast closed borders tightened due to the corona virus, and die sanctions imposed because of the nuclear program.

Despite his promise in a speech last Thursday, die Solving crisis Kim faces a difficult problem as he has no good options.

The agricultural sector is damaged

North Korea’s agricultural sector is still recovering from the damage die he suffered over the past year. Replacing domestic food supplies with imports is likely to be difficult because of that die Borders are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Local testimony showed that die Prices for some staples in the capital Pyongyang had risen significantly, while experts said that die Rice and fuel prices are still relatively stable while die Prices for imported foods such as sugar, soybean oil and flour have risen insane, reported “CNN” The “American.

Also die There are costs for some locally produced staple foods in has risen over the past few months. Pyongyang residents said that die Have tripled potato prices at the popular Tongil Market, where both locals and foreigners can shop.

$ 100 for coffee and $ 70 for tea … what’s up in North Korea?

A North Korean official visits an agricultural field (Reuters)

crazy prices

Additionally, local residents reported that non-essential items like a small can of tea can sell for around $ 70, while a can of coffee can cost more than $ 100 and a kilogram of bananas costs the equivalent of $ 45, according to NK News.

Kim did not disclose the extent of the shortage, however die The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently estimated that North Korea is short of about 860,000 tons of food, or just over two months of nationwide supplies.

The realization that a centrally planned economy of the state die Can’t feed people, like a leader, his family in propaganda is portrayed as infallible, appear out of place.

Two statues of Kim's father and grandfather in Pyongyang (Reuters)

Two statues of Kim’s father and grandfather in Pyongyang (Reuters)

Kim is ready for “confrontation and dialogue”

Seem parallel to it die Relations with Washington and die Negotiations over die Lifting the sanctions out of reach, at least for the time being. According to state media, Kim die North Korea policy of US President Joe Biden analyzed and now believes that Pyongyang must “prepare for dialogue and confrontation”.

It is noteworthy that Kim in his speech to the Central Committee of the ruling Labor Party on Thursday this week in the capital Pyongyang has started work over die Food situation spoke and die general principles of his strategy outlined the relationship with Washington and die “Political Direction of the New US Administration” under the direction of Biden.

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