11.3 billion pounds, Egyptian stock losses in April

Despite the incentives announced by the government, the Egyptian stock exchange recorded losses during the current trading month of April, driven by the decline in values ​​and trading volumes during the blessed month of Ramadan.

According to the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s monthly report, the market capitalization of shares of listed companies fell by 1.55%, as listed companies lost around £ 11.3 billion after market capital fell from the level of 726.4 billion pounds at the close last March, to around 715.1 billion pounds in closing operations in the current month of April.

In terms of indicators, the main index of the Egyptian stock exchange “EGX30” decreased by 1.70% to close at 11047.70 points.

The index of small and medium-sized stocks “EGX70” of equal weight fell by 1.9% to close at 1873.98 points.

The broader “EGX 100” index of equal weight recorded a decrease of 1.48%, closing at 2851.09 points. The “EGX30” index with specific weights fell by 1.29% to close at 13,533.68 points. The “Tamayouz” index fell by 16.69% to close at the level of 3893.08 points.

According to the data, the capital of the small and medium-sized equity index fell from £ 126.6 billion to £ 124.3 billion, a decline of around 2.5 per cent. The capital of the broader index also fell from £ 558.2 billion to £ 544.2 billion, a decrease of around 2.5%.

The market capital of the Nile Stock Exchange fell from £ 2.4 billion to £ 2.1 billion, a decrease of nearly 10%.

For what concern trading, the total value of the exchanges on the Egyptian stock exchange fell to 86.7 billion pounds during the month of April. While the volume of exchanges was approximately 7.441 billion documents executed on 563,000 transactions, compared to a total exchange value of 180 billion pounds, and the volume of exchanges was 8.672 billion documents executed on 952,000 transactions. in the last month.

As for the “Tamayouz” index, the total value of trades in it amounted to around 25.1 million pounds and the volume of trade was 64.9 million of documents executed on 4110 transactions during the month of April.

The shares accounted for 60.17% of the total trading value within the booth, while the trading value of the bonds represented approximately 39.83%.

The trading totals of the companies listed on the stock market indices were spread between 35.7 billion pounds in the main index of the stock exchange, with a trading volume of 2.1 billion of securities executed, and the number of transactions of 260, 9 thousand operations.

The trading value of the shares of the “EGX70” index reached approximately £ 5.5 billion, with a trading volume of 2.5 billion securities executed through 174.1 thousand transactions.

The trading value of the shares of the broader index reached approximately £ 41.2 billion, with a trading volume of 4.6 billion securities executed across 435,000 transactions.

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