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11 Killed, 14 Injured in Hajjah Tragedy

Dozens of civilians died and were injured in a horrific car rollover accident on a rugged mountain road in Hajjah governorate in northwestern Yemen.

And sources of the media Yemenis said the horrific incident killed and injured 25 people, including women and children, in Al-Sharaki district, east of the city of Hajjah.

And confirmed that the accident was caused by aauto “Hilux” slipped yesterday, Friday, from a high mountain slope in Al-Sharaki district.

The sources stressed that the incident “leaded 11 people to death and injured 14 others, including women and children,” noting that the injured were transferred to Hajjah City Republican Hospital for treatment.

According to sources, theautocapsized in a deep abyss, carried two families in travel to an engagement party for a relative of theirs.

Road accidents have claimed the lives of hundreds of Yemenis over the past year due to poor road quality, lack of crash barriers on high bends and the ruggedness of some roads.


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