121,000 tons of grain arrive in Saudi Arabia from SALIC’s investments abroad

Saudi agricultural investment and livestock production company “SALIC”, owned by the Public Investment Fund, said its two shipments from its investments in Ukraine, weighing 121,000 tons of grain, arrived at the Islamic port of Jeddah and the other at the trading port of Yanbu.

In a statement, “SALIC” added that the two shipments are part of its tender with the General Wheat Organization to purchase 355,000 tons of wheat as part of a program to encourage and support Saudi investors. foreign as one of the United Kingdom’s food security programs.

“SALIC” has indicated that it will supply the quantity of the supply through six shipments during the calendar year in course, in where the first shipment arrived through the port of King Abdulaziz in Dammam and the second reached the port of Jazan, while the last two shipments arrive, respectively, from the “SALIC” investments in Canada and Australia.

It is interesting to note that the investment of “SALIC” in Ukraine was financed by the Foreign Agricultural Investment Initiative, one of the programs of the Agricultural Development Fund, where the “Continental Farms Group” manages 195 thousand hectares of agricultural land in western Ukraine and annually produces one million tons of wheat.

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