13 ancient coins seized at airport during attempted smuggling in Egypt

THE media have announced that the Egyptian customs at the Borg El Arab international airport in Alexandria has managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle 13 ancient coins.

Customs officers said: A Libyan passenger was suspected while carrying out inspection procedures for passengers from Libya on the Al-Buraq flight from Benghazi after he showed signs of confusion and anxiety.

The customs officers reported the presence of similar and different density objects, after passing the passenger’s baggage on the X-ray machine and X-ray examination machine, which required the formation of a customs commission, to search the passenger’s baggage and self-inspect it.

Examination and inspection revealed the presence of 13 ancient pieces of metal suspected to be antiquated, while Burj Al Arab Airport’s archaeological unit has shown that they date back to the Greco-Roman era.

And the Director General of the Egyptian Customs of Air Ports ordered to take legal measures and issue Customs Inspection Report No. 9 of 2023.