14 billion dollars … one level record in the volume of cryptocurrency crimes in 2021

Chainalysis, a blockchain research firm, said Thursday that the amount involved in cryptocurrency crimes reached an unprecedented level last year, reaching $ 14 billion. in one moment in which regulators are calling for greater oversight of this sector in rapid growth. .

The company said in a report that the volume of cryptocurrency received from digital wallet addresses linked to illegal activities, including scam attempts, darknet markets and ransomware, increased 80% from a year ago.

However, this activity represented only 0.15% of the total transaction volume in cryptocurrencies, which is the lowest level ever.

Chainalysis, based in the United States, said the volumes of trading totals rose to $ 15.8 trillion in 2021, more than five times the previous year.

And digital assets from Bitcoin ai token non-fungible have seen a significant increase in demand during 2021 with the embrace of investors and large corporations.

New investors entered the market lured by the rapid gains peddled by backers of the cryptocurrency, as well as the hope that Bitcoin would provide a buffer against high inflation.

However, the regulation of these currencies remains uneven, which does not provide adequate protection for investors from crime.

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