14% of Brits had to reduce their food due to prices

A new survey shows that Brits are cutting back on meals and energy consumption as food and energy bills rise and real wages fall, putting household budgets under pressure.

According to the survey conducted by Opinium for the Trade Union Congress, and the results were seen by Al Arabiya.netit was found that one in seven people, or about 14% of people in all of Great Britain are forced to skip meals or run out of food to cover their expenses.

But in 47 parliamentary constituencies, that number rises to 20% or more, and the percentage of people in all of Britain who skip meals is the same as the workers and the unemployed, 14%.

Regionally, Birmingham and Ladywood have the highest number of people skipping meals (29%), followed by Dundee West (27%) and Glasgow (24%).

In the “Westminster” area of ​​central London, where the Parliament and the Prime Minister’s office are located, over 23% of the local population cancel meals and the cost of living affects food.

An earlier MRP survey of 10,000 people, released the same week in which the government has cut long-term energy subsidies, showed that 55% of the population is reducing their consumption of heating, hot water or electricity.

Meanwhile, 1 in 12 or around 8% of respondents said they do not pay their household bills, however, this figure rises to 1 in 3 for voters living in central London (33%) and 1 in 5 in Birmingham.

MRP said the findings were a “sixth reminder” of the cost of living stress faced by families. in all of Great Britain.

CTU Secretary General Frances O’Grady said: “Nobody should worry about putting in food in table or heat their homes, but millions of families are now struggling to cover even the most basic things and are now facing significant uncertainty about their energy bills after the Prime Minister said subsidies end in April. “

“If we don’t get wage increases in all sectors of the economy and we ensure that the benefits increase in in line with inflation, we risk heading towards historic levels of poverty, ”O’Grady added.

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