14 trained pilots in Turkey. This is her story from the F16 cabin for life imprisonment

14 graduates of the Turkish Air Force Academy, die celebrating their completion of the flight training program, appeared in front of a fighter plane, but within a few months was located die entire group in jail and accused of joining an alleged coup attempt in 2016, the blood in die Air brought roads and threw the land in a mess that didn’t end. After you.

This is die Story of 14 budding pilots, die sentenced to life imprisonment in the alleged coup, which, according to the American New York Times, led to chaos and grievances, die destroyed Turkey’s reputation.

They were sentenced to life imprisonment

Last November, it was reported die Newspaper, 13 of them – while the last trainee was not at the base because he was on leave because of his marriage – because of the attempt to die Constitutional order overturned, sentenced and sentenced to life imprisonment as well as to their military life Dreams of flying F-16s have been destroyed!

The newspaper says that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faced the attempted coup, in As a result, tough measures were taken, a state of emergency was declared for two years, 100,000 people were arrested and 150,000 government employees were laid off.

More than 8,000 military personnel were prosecuted for their role in the riot, including more than 600 cadets and recruits – die most of them in their early twenties, one in Turkey’s unprecedented situation.

The newspaper notes that the fate of the detainees in Turkey is largely overlooked where die Government rhetoric against die suspected coup plotters is very hostile and families and lawyers of the accused are afraid to speak out.

But after them die thirteen had been sentenced to life imprisonment – twelve of them to forced labor, what die The toughest form of life imprisonment without parole, some of their families decided to break their silence.

“We didn’t expect you to be acquitted, but we did expect you to be released, but at least you will be imprisoned for life?”

Turkey’s history is full of coups

The report states that die trained pilots and their families trusted the system, partly because die Turkish history is full of coups and low-ranking forces have not been held accountable in this way.

“When it comes to the coup, it’s at the generals’ level, not the trained officer level,” said Ali Kalin, Albert’s father, who is himself a retired sergeant.

The trainees were accused of belonging to a terrorist organization, die To overthrow constitutional order and to commit murder and attempted murder. Eight civilians were killed in clashes at the entrance to the base. However, her lawyer said that die Prosecutors have provided no evidence of their involvement in the coup attempt or the clashes.

The lawyer bat to anonymity, to avoid legal repercussions on yourself.
He said that they are still being trained as trained officers and can only take orders, not issue them.

Akinci’s base was her place of work, so they shouldn’t be found guilty just for their presence, and their commanders testified in court that die Trainees played no part in the events, he said. Ultimately, however, they became along with all the other al-Qaeda participants in condemned that night of the trial, die overthrow constitutional order.

The commander in chief received die same punishment: “The low-ranking soldier received die same punishment, “said Mrs. Calin.” How is that possible?

The newspaper adds that many Turks were against the coup. But with the process going on for more than four years and the involvement of many unconnected people, they are deeply dissatisfied with the state of justice.
Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkey’s largest opposition party, supported Mr Erdogan against die Putschists, however, have since accused him of plotting a coup when tens of thousands of innocent political opponents, academics, lawyers and journalists were arrested.

The purges of the armed forces were systematic, entire units were uprooted and a campaign of arrests was carried out.

“Our trust in the law, in die Dishes, in die Justice, in the state and in die Government has even gone below zero, “said Kälin, der die served as a gendarme for most of his career.

So far have die Purges and law enforcement operations thousands of officers and students alike in die Army added.

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