1,400 dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands in one bye, shocking even some pro whalers

The killing has been denounced by marine conservation group Sea Shepherd as a “cruel and ill-treated” massacre, and the largest single hunt in the Danish territory history.

The organization said a super-pod of 1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were rounded up by speed boats and jet skis to Skálabotnur . beach on the island of Eysturoy, where they were subsequently murdered.

The Faroe Islands is an autonomous region of the kingdom of Denmark, about halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the Atlantic Ocean.

The annual whale hunt, of grindadráp in Faroese, played a role of local culture for centuries — but mostly it’s about the hunt of pilot whales. Although it has long been criticized by animal rights groups, locals have the practice.

41-year-old Kristian Petersen, who is originally from the Faroese city of Fuglafjørður but alive now in Denmark, said he started to join in whaling by age of seven — but in his village, dolphins were never the target.

“I experienced that firsthand and also a little bit,” Petersen told CNN for eat alone, I supported it. But this recent catch that was this weekend i am against how it went on.

Petersen is one of various whaling supporters who condemned the sunday killing, die said there were “so many mistakes” including chasing a large herd and prolonging the suffering of the dolphins by not having enough people on the beaches to kill them.

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In recent decades, the practice has come under strict regulation of the Faroe Islands government, with guidelines for the authorization of hunts and how she should are carried out.

Many, including Petersen, have the legalities in doubted of Sunday killing, with allegations that the local foreman, who is involved in regulate whaling in the area next to the district administrator, was not aware in line with regulations.

The foreman, Heri Petersen, has been quoted by local media exhaust pipe Info calling for accountability and confirm that too few killers were involved, meaning the dolphins struggled for breath on the beach until they were murdered.

The Faroese Executive Order on Hunting pilot whales and other small whales, published in January 2017, states that the district administrator of the foreman has to approve each yacht and gives them the responsibility to “ensure that’s enough people to be available on coast to kill the whales.”

Bjorg Jacobsen of the Faroe Islands Police told CNN the hunt had been legal, but he declined until comment further.

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In a written statement, Faroese government spokesperson Páll Nolsøe told CNN white-sided dolphin hunting was sustainable practice, and said the annual number averaged around 250, but “fluctuates heavily” — meaning Sunday’s catch almost six times the same size.

“The flesh of every whale drive offers a large amount of valuable food, which is distributed for free in the local communities where the whale watching tours take place place… the meat of the 1400 captive dolphins on Sunday is also divided among the participants in the catch and the local community,” he added.

However, Sea Shepherd claimed that the locals had said there was too much meat from Sunday’s hunt and that men feared it would have to be thrown away, citing published interviews in Danish outlet Extra Bladet.
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The organization further claimed that several dolphins were run over by motorboats and “hacked by propellers”, resulting in report to the local police. It also claimed that several of those involved did not have the required licenses to participate. The Faroe Islands police have not responded to a request from CNN for comment on the allegations.

“Given the times we are in, with An global pandemic and the world comes to a stop, it’s absolutely horrible to watch attack on nature of this scale in the Faroe Islands,” said Sea Shepherd Global’s CEO, Alex Cornelissen, in An pronunciation.
The Faroe Islands Whales and Whaling body has continued met the practice in in recent years despite criticism, stating: on to be website, “the average catch of about 800 whales per year is not considered to have a significant impact on the abundance of pilot whales, die are estimated at about 778,000.”

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