15 Overrated Movies That Some Individuals Simply Can’t See The Hype For

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Look, all of us have those movie that everybody appears to like nevertheless we … just … do not … get.


I have actually seen Creation lots of times!!! I just do not like it!!!

So when Reddit user WinterCrusader91 asked the issue, “What movie is exaggerated by everyone?” you can bet your sweet bippy I read it. Here are simply a couple of of the really best and most ~ questionable ~ actions:

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A Star Is Born( 2018 )

Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/ Everett Collection.

” It’s fine, but it’s not super engaging or special. The movie type of drags, and it has a really strange blue filter that makes whatever look washed out.”

— SquilliamFancySon95

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The original Star Wars trilogy

Lucasfilm/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” It’s no place near as good as individuals say it is. I comprehend that for its time it was groundbreaking, however how can people still state it’s their favorite film? It’s pretty uninteresting in terms of its character progression, world structure, and basic plot.”

— QGunners22

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The Star Wars followsup

Walt Disney/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” For the amount of money Disney invested getting the rights, you ‘d truly believe that they ‘d have an approximation about which direction they wished to take the brand-new trilogy in.”

— tallandlanky

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Walt Disney/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” I love Disney, but it seemed really low effort and unoriginal– especially compared with other Disney movies.”

— BcTheCenterLeft

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20 th Century Fox/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” It was extremely overrated by critics. It had really outstanding CGI, however the plot was unoriginal. A good movie at best.”

— phantom_avenger

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A Peaceful Place

Jonny Cournoyer/ Paramount/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” It’s just a monster flick, and compared to something like The Thing or Alien, it’s downright anti-climactic.”

— Phenoix512

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The Keep In Mind Pad

New Line Cinema/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” I do not understand why people think it’s romantic. It’s dumb and bothersome AF.”

— negative-self-esteem

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The Hunger Games

Lionsgate/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” For me, it’s these series: Divergent, Labyrinth Runner, and The Appetite Games The same teenage hero/heroine in a dystopian future. So formulaic and predictable.”

— Grindhouser

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Universal/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” That film is so slow, I could hardly even sit through it.”

— akshanz1

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A24/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” Maybe I’m not appreciating it completely– however it was simply too odd and ‘artistic’ for me. The unique results weren’t great, either.”

— Laughsinginger


The Blair Witch Job

Craftsmen Home Entertainment/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” I constantly see gratitude for it.

— Kaizerchief11

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Captain America: Civil War

Walt Disney Co./ Everett Collection.

” The property made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The alignment of most of the characters is relatively random, and there were no real stakes– you know that everyone’s going to return together in the end.”

— OneGiantThanks

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Uncut Gems

A24/ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as everyone else seemed to. It was a movie about an unlikable male making awful decisions, one after another.”

— moun7

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Niko Tavernise/ Warner Bros./ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was remarkable, nevertheless the movie itself was just fine.

— lewton_bus

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Last But Not Least, the Dark Knight trilogy

Warner Bros./ Courtesy Everett Collection.

” I like the concept of a more sensible and serious Batman, I in fact do.

— WatchBat

Do you have a movie that you believe is very overrated? LMK in the remarks!

Note: Some actions have actually been modified for length and/or clearness.

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