170 Houthi violations of the UN armistice in two days

The Yemeni army said on Wednesday that the Houthi militia committed 170 violations of the UN armistice, in two days, and wounded 21 soldiers.

A statement issued by the center media of the Yemeni army says that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia committed 170 violations of the UN truce on Monday and Tuesday (6-7 June) on the fighting fronts in Ma’rib, Hajjah, Hodeidah, Taiz and Al- Dhalea.

He pointed out that the Houthi violations resulted in the wounding of 21 soldiers of the National Army forces with sniper bullets, drones with booby traps and artillery shells, including 8 wounded on Monday and 13 more on Tuesday.

He explained that the breaches were distributed among 47 breaches on the fronts of the Taiz axis, 43 breaches in the Hays axis, south of Hodeidah, 37 breaches in the Hajjah axis, 22 breaches in the Al-Barah axis, west of Taiz, 19 breaches in the fighting fronts south and west of Marib and two breaches in the Maris front in the Al-Dhalea axis.

The statement indicated that Houthis’ violations ranged from infiltration attempts, direct fire with heavy and medium weapons, site creation, road construction, and the deployment of artillery and shells.

The Houthi violations also included the recruitment of human reinforcements and combat equipment, including tanks, as well as the deployment of reconnaissance aircraft on various fronts.

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