18 Houthis killed in an ambush by the Yemeni army west of Marib

The Yemeni army and popular resistance ambushed a group of Houthi militiamen on the Al-Mushajah front. West Marib Governorate.

The ambush resulted in the killing of the entire group, which numbered 18 Houthi elements, as reported Thursday by the media locals.

The artillery of the Yemeni army also launched a concentrated bombardment against the movements of the revolutionaries at the front, causing loss of equipment and human lives.

In addition, a number of Houthis were killed yesterday Wednesday by fire from armed forces backed by popular resistance southwest of Marib.

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The army attracted a group of militiamen who tried to infiltrate and target sites in the vast front.

The ambush resulted in deaths and injuries among the Houthis, while those who survived fled.

18 Houthis killed in an ambush by the Yemeni army west of Marib

Moved from Marib (Reuters)

Meanwhile, Coalition to Support Legittimacy fighters have targeted separate positions of coup leaders in the vicinity of Ma’rib Governorate, causing them to lose. in human lives and equipment.

Interestingly, Iranian-loyal Houthis have launched a military campaign since February to advance towards the city of Ma’rib, despite appeals from the United Nations and Washington, as well as humanitarian organizations to stop these attacks, for fear of thousands. of the displaced in the province.

However, the militias, which have failed to make progress between the popular and military resistance, continue their attacks to control the city, located in a province rich in oil.

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