18th Night Attack in Kiev: 3 Dead and Many Injured in Continuing Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia Continues Military Operations in Ukraine

Night Attack Kills Three and Injures Many in Ukraine

Russia continues its military operations in Ukraine. And in his latest developments on the ground, three people were killed and many more injured on Thursday in another night attack in the eastern regions of Kiev, according to city officials.

The military administration of Kiev stated in a post on Telegram that two of the dead were children in the attack, which targeted Yesnyansky district on the eastern outskirts of the capital.

The attack also affected the Dnipro region, closer to the city centre.

This is the eighteenth attack on the capital this month.

The military administration said seven people were injured in the two areas.

The images of the scene published on socialwork they showed rescue crews helping residents with broken buildings and building materials littering the streets outside.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, also writing on Telegram, said emergency crews had put out fires caused by falling debris near the attack sites. He said a clinic was damaged.

It is not yet clear where the strikes are coming from. The discussions about social media they indicated that it was a rocket attack, given the short time between the announcement of the air attack warning and its impact. The warning remained in force for about an hour.

“The situation in Shibekino is really scary.”

In tale In the context, the governor of the Russian city of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, announced that anyone wishing to leave the city of Chepekino can apply to the city municipality and will receive assistance.

The governor said that the situation in Shibekino is really scary for children, the elderly and everyone, which is why we decided to help everyone who wants to leave Shibekino temporarily.

Gladkov stressed that Russian forces in the area they worked well to carry women, children and the elderly when the Ukrainian fighters entered Graevo Run.

The governor of the city presented a report to President Vladimir Putin on the situation in the region, as the region came under heavy shelling, which affected the western and southern periphery of the region.

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