193 million people in 53 countries face a food crisis

An international report revealed that the number of people facing severe food insecurity around the world and in need of urgent food assistance to save lives continues to increase at an alarming rate, focusing on countries and regions. in where the scale and severity of the food crisis exceed local resources and capacities.

The report, launched today by the Global Network to Combat Food Crises, calls for mobilizing the international community to tackle the food crisis through humanitarian, development and pacenoting that worrying trends in food insecurity are the result of several factors, ranging from conflicts to economic and health crises and poverty.

The report indicates that 193 million people in 53 countries or regions experienced acute food insecurity between the third and fifth level during 2021, an increase of 40 million people compared to 2020, including 570,000 people in Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen suffer from the most severe Acute food insecurity is the fifth stage and their situation requires urgent action to avoid widespread collapse of livelihoods, hunger and death.

The Global Network Against Food Crises is an international coalition of the United Nations, the European Union, governmental and non-governmental agencies working together to address food crises.