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$2.2 billion worth of US military aid to Ukraine

The United States announced on Friday that it would provide Kiev with additional military assistance worth $2.2 billion to improve the ability of Ukrainian forces to deal with Russian forces.

The Pentagon said in a statement that the assistance includes, in in particular, “critical air defense capabilities to help Ukraine defend its population, as well as armored infantry vehicles” and ammunition for “HIMARS” missile launchers.

Last January, the Pentagon announced a new batch of military aid to Ukraine that includes hundreds of armored vehicles and air defense support, but does not include the Abrams heavy tanks.

The new batch also includes 59 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and 90 Stryker Infantry Vehicles.

Armored vehicles

The US military will also deliver 53 mine-resistant armored personnel carriers (MRAPs) to Ukraine and 350 M998 Humvees.

Washington will also deliver to the Ukrainian forces reserve missiles for the NASAMS and HIMARS anti-aircraft systems that were previously sent to it, and 8 Avenger short-range anti-aircraft systems, as well as thousands of munitions.

With this new tranche, total US military aid to Ukraine has increased to $26.7 billion since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24.

Kyiv he says he hopes that quest’year new Western weapons give it a military boost, in especially heavy tanks, which will provide his forces with more movement and protection to penetrate Russian lines in the east and south of the country.

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