Politics 2 Florida Democrats take legal action against to keep...

2 Florida Democrats take legal action against to keep Sanders off primary ballot


Bernie Sanders | Meg Kinnard/AP Photo

Bernie Sanders|Meg Kinnard/AP Photo

TALLAHASSEE– 2 Florida Democrats are taking legal action against to obstruct Bernie Sanders from running as a Democrat in the state’s March 17 governmental main.

In the match submitted Monday in circuit court in Leon County, the complainants ask that Sanders be disqualified from the Democratic primary since he’s a stated independent.


The Florida Democratic Celebration recognized the problem “outrageous,” and the Sanders campaign called it “spurious.”

The problem also tries to find to avoid state election authorities from counting any votes Sanders has in fact currently gotten. More than 244,000 Democrats have in fact currently voted by mail in Florida.

Karen Gievers, a former circuit court judge representing Frank Bach and George Brown, both Tallahassee Democrats, stated Sanders requirements to not be permitted on the Democratic ballot.

Sanders caucuses with Democrats in the Senate nevertheless notes himself as an independent and has actually raised money in his Senate project account as an independent, according to the claim.

” Florida is a closed primary state, yet here we have somebody who is an independent on the Democratic ballot,” specified Gievers. “You can’t be an independent and be a member of the party.”

Gievers, when asked, explained both Bach and Brown as military veterans and signed upDemocrats In response to a follow- up concern, she stated Bach is her partner.

Juan Penalosa, the executive director of the Florida Democratic Celebration, called the suit “outrageous.”

” The Florida Democratic Celebration executive committee voted unanimously to put Senator Sanders on the Florida tally,” Penalosa stated. “Votes cast for the senator are valid and need to be counted.”

Gievers specified she expected hearing from Democratic Event attorneys, however also remembered, “It’s hard to believe that citizen suppression or dilution would be described as ludicrous by a celebration official.”

Kolby Lee, a regional press secretary for Sanders, likewise was dismissive of the match.

” We understand the spurious complaint and it will not impact us. Bernie will be on the ballot in Florida,” Lee specified.

Florida law provides political celebrations freedom to select which potential customers can appear on an event’s primary ballot, and the Florida Democratic Event in 2015 selected to consist of considerable prospects with across the country attention and across the country reach.

Sixteen prospects will be kept in mind on the event’s main ballot, despite the fact that a variety of have actually withdrawn from the race.

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