2000 crown cases in China and strict measures in Shanghai to contain it

Shanghai, China’s financial center, posted an increase on Monday record of local daily cases of the Corona virus, as authorities strive to conduct population checks and rein in the mutant Micron, while the Disney resort has been closed until further notice.

Official data today showed that Shanghai, which until recent weeks was relatively free of the Corona virus, recorded 24 new infections, to which the infection was transmitted locally, with confirmed symptoms, on Sunday, and 734 local infections without symptoms.

This is the fourth consecutive day in where asymptomatic local infections increased in Shanghai.

Although the number of infections is low for standard global, Shanghai quickly followed Chinese policies, closing schools and conducting test in apartment complexes in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.

“The situation is very complicated and dangerous, and it is a great test for us,” said Wu Jingli, director of the city’s health commission. in a press conference.

The city has also closed the Disney Resort in Shanghai from Monday until further notice.

This comes as China’s National Health Committee announced today Monday that the mainland recorded a total of 2,027 new confirmed infections that showed symptoms and were infected locally, up from 1,737 the previous day.

The number of new local asymptomatic infections in China reached 2,492, up from 2,316 the previous day. China does not classify these cases as confirmed cases.

Therefore, mainland China had registered 132,226 confirmed cases as of Sunday. China recorded no new deaths, so the death toll remained constant at 4,638.

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