2,000-year-old cemetery found in Britain’s oldest city

Archaeologists from Bournemouth University have found 2,000-year-old human remains in Dorpolis, Britain’s oldest city.

And the Daily Mail reports that students and archaeologists from Bournemouth University have found the remains of five people buried in the fetal position along with food, animals and elements at the Iron Age settlement of Dorpolis in Winterbourne Kingston in the English county of Dorset. funeral rites that existed at that time. The inhabitants of this settlement, who called themselves idiots, founded their society a hundred years before our era and built round dwellings and pits that were used as warehouses.

And he adds that during the excavations, scientists found the skeletons of men and women in oval-shaped pits that were previously used to store grain. The bodies were buried along with pieces of meat and utensils, which then contained “drinks for the afterlife.” These rituals were necessary “in order for the dead to move to another place.” Archaeologists hope that their study of this discovery will provide information about the religious practices that were common in the societies of that time.

Source: linta. Ro