200,000 “foreigners” appear on the electoral roll in Turkey … and fear their influence

With the presidential and parliamentary elections approaching that Turkey will attend in the summer of next year, the main opposition party in Turkey, the “Republican People’s Party”, again discussed the participation of foreigners with Turkish citizenship in those elections in which this party compete with the Justice and Development Party in government, what the effects of naturalized foreigners will be like in those elections to be held in June of next 2023?

The Republican People’s Party (CHP), the largest opposition party in Turkey and the second party in the country’s parliament, says there are at least 200,000 voters from Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan who will participate in the upcoming elections and vote for the ruling party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The main opposition party is trying to push through the Turkish parliament a project to prevent newly obtained Turkish citizenship from participating in those elections, but cannot easily approve such a project due to the parliamentary majority enjoyed by the ruling coalition. , which includes the “Justice and Development” and the “National Movement” led by Dawlat Bahceli.

The opposition party stresses the importance of so-called “electoral security” and of mitigating the influence of new voters who have obtained Turkish citizenship on the outcome of the upcoming elections, which coincide with the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish state.

For its part, a Turkish academic and director of a center that conducts opinion polls has periodically posted in the validity of the numbers of foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship is doubtful, suggesting that these are much higher numbers than those revealed by the Ministry of the Interior, which estimates the number of naturalized people at only 200,000.

“The government grants citizenship on behalf of the state, so these people cannot be prevented from voting,” said Ozer Sancer, a Turkish academic and director of the famous “Metropol” research center. “Nobody knows to whom the state institutions have granted citizenship and how much it costs.” Their numbers. “

In an interview with Al Arabiya.netthe Turkish academic continued: “The numbers circulating on the number of people acquiring Turkish citizenship, estimated in 200,000, will have no tangible impact on the outcome of the elections, but no one knows the exact numbers except for the competent ministries and the Turkish presidency “.

Today, Saturday, the Republican People’s Party renewed its call to prevent Turkish citizenship holders from participating in the upcoming elections, in a position that enjoys the support of the right-wing currents in the country, in detail of the newly formed “Vittoria” party.

Right-wing Turkish nationalist currents have launched a campaign since last July that aims to prevent tens of thousands of people who have obtained Turkish citizenship in recent years from participating in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

This campaign is led by the nationalist Good Party, also known as the Good Party, and the Victory Party, whose leader Umit Ozdag defected in passed from the Party of the Good. The campaign has the support of the country’s main opposition party, which promises its supporters to expel refugees and migrants from Turkey if it rises to power.

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