2019 Cup President: Dissatisfied Woods says Melbourne crowds went ‘over the top’

Tiger Woods accused the Royal Melbourne crowd of “going over” after a wild third day in the Presidents’ Cup.

The International led the Singles on Sunday with a 10-8 advantage over the Woods’ United States team, but the day was notable for a crowd disturbance that led to Patrick Reed’s caddy being suspended for the rest of the event.

Kessler Karain has been involved in a fight with a fan after Reed and his Webb Simpson partner lost to Hideki Matsuyama and C.T. Get up at four in the morning.

Karin admitted she had “enough” the hatred she showed toward Reith, who played the role of her pantomime villain this week after arriving in Australia, after being accused of cheating during the Hero World Challenge.

The caddy told Fore Play: “Walking in a stroller, a man was about three feet away from Patrick and said, ‘I’m catching you.’

“Security came and got me back in the basket and left. I don’t think there’s a caddy I know that could blame me.”

Woods, who came out the first Sunday before taking office, believed alcohol had played a role in the incident and called for a more respectful approach on the last day.

Asked how the atmosphere compares to a Ryder Cup, the American captain said: “Well, I think it’s different. There are not so many people in this place because they are so small, so many bottlenecks.

“There is obviously some voice. There are people who have a lot to drink and have come to the top.

“I’ve heard it. I’ve been to the teams playing when it happened and I’ve been in the ropes as a witness.

“Bipartisanship is part of the team racing game, whether you’re at home or on the road, it’s part of the deal. As long as the fans respect it, all we ask for is respect.

“Let’s hope they get excited about Sunday and the games and respect all the players.”

Woods’ Internationals counterpart Ernie Els considered the galleries to be “quite quiet” compared to New York in 2017 and that Americans should “take it and move on”.

The South African said: “I’ve played in a lot of Presidents’ Cups and I’ve played a lot of times in the US If you look back at New York and how the players in New York were treated, this crowd is pretty quiet.

“I mean, we get exactly the same whenever you play as a home game, there’s a shake that happens and we all know that, and you prepare for it and that’s exactly the way it goes.

“I’m done and we’re still getting things done, that’s what we did in New York, so that’s part of the game.

“And I’m with the Tiger, I’m against the greed, I’m against the crowds being disrespectful to the players, but it happens, we as professionals, continue.

“I think Tiger is one of the top professionals to ever play the game. I’ve played with him where he has hit the US Open and in many other places, taken it to the chin and advanced.

“The same thing happened with some players, but I have to say, this Aussie crowd, okay, got a little gloomy this afternoon with some beers, but what crowd doesn’t? And you keep going.”

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