2019 Cup President: Patrick Reed’s caddy’s fall banned after Melbourne fan clash

MELBOURNE, Australia – Patrick Reed’s dog, Kessler Karain, has been suspended for the fourth and final day of the Presidents’ Cup after a spectator dispute.

Karain clashed with a fan after he was hit by a controversial Reed stadium player at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club on Saturday.

Reed, who arrived in Melbourne after cheating on his claims at the Hero World Challenge, suffered the third consecutive loss of the Presidents’ Cups, after which tensions went up.

Karain issued a statement on Fore Play, admitting to pushing a fan who told Reed you were “catching” after Reed’s defeat with Webb Simpson on international couple Hideki Matsuyama and C.T. Get up at four in the morning.

Following a meeting on Saturday, the PGA Tour said Karain would be absent from Sunday’s singles as defending American champions try to overturn a 10-8 deficit.

“Following an incident on Saturday in the Presidents’ Cup with Kessler Karain and a spectator, Karain will not return to the caddy for Sunday’s final Singles matches and we will have no further comment at this time,” the statement said. of the Tour.

PGA TOUR statement –

Following an incident on Saturday in the Presidents’ Cup with Kessler Karain and a spectator, Karain will not return to the caddy for Sunday’s Singles final rounds. We will have no further comments at this time.

– PGA TOUR Communications (@PGATOURComms) December 14, 2019

Reed added: “I respect the Tour’s decision and we are all focused on winning the Presidents Cup tomorrow.”

Reed is Australia’s No. 1 public enemy after his two-year sentence during last week’s Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

Already an unlucky figure on the PGA Tour, Reed was punished for improving his lie in the bunker, hitting the sand twice during his spins, sparking controversy and cheating allegations.

Going into Day 1, Reed mocked the Melbourne crowd on Friday, mimicking a shovel.

“As a caddy, one of your jobs is to protect your player,” Karain said. “We’re known for having some good banter, but after listening to a lot of fans in Australia for three days, some had gone too far. I had enough.

“Walking in the stroller, a man was about three feet away from Patrick and said, ‘Drink.’ I got out of the basket and pushed him, I said a few things, maybe some upside down.

“The security came and I got back in the basket and left. I don’t think there’s a caddy I know that could blame me.

“Unless his bones break like Mr. Glass’s, the biggest damage was a little spilled beer, which I’m very happy to compensate.”

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