2019 Cup President: Star-beat US Shield Victory Team Captain Tiger Woods in praise

MELBOURNE, Australia – Matt Kuchar and Tony Finau greet the “greatest” ever Tiger Woods after the superstar helped inspire an eighth consecutive US Cup.

The US made history after coming together to beat the International 16-14 in a thrilling finish at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club on Sunday.

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The Americans were 10-8 ahead of the decisive singles. No team won the Presidents Cup after falling three days. The US, led by Captain Woods, changed that.

PRESIDENT CUP: How the US threw the historic rally

The US claimed eight points on Sunday, while Woods outscored Phil Mickelson for most of the Pre-Cup matches they won after Abraham Ancer relaxed.

I couldn’t have had a better group of people to be the captain. Each of you is what made this week so special to me. I am incredibly proud of you all and I am proud to bring you the cup. Go to the USA! pic.twitter.com/bR2UXhDnAf

– Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) December 15, 2019

While it was a collective effort, the American star team destroyed Woods in praise, with the 15-year-old champion flawless throughout the 13th event.

Speaking with a big smile on his face, Kuchar told reporters: “It was great to play for the great player ever, to have the opportunity to make a team out of the biggest player who is the team player.

“I can’t tell you how unique, how cool a thing is, not just playing for him, but at the same time with him. And so for us, you know, to be in a hole, to come back and win that thing so enthusiastic, one to win it as a team, but to do it with Tiger Woods as our captain was just a huge thrill. “

“It was really cool to be a member of this team and with Tiger as captain, you get Tiger to talk a little bit more,” Kuchar added. “I think a lot of our teams as a player, you let the captain and the players play and get Tiger to talk up, I mean, we had a room full of some of the biggest players in the world and when we talk, we all hear. It was awesome to be a part of it.

“I think we will all look back and have these pictures hanging on our walls and say we were playing for and with Tiger Woods, the great player who never became, it was awesome and for him to get his role, take it the mantle as captain, it was a lot of fun to participate. “

Fina, who came down from 4 to link up with Hideki Matsuyama, said: “Tiger, the story of her stamina, is coming back from what she has with injuries and everything she has gone through, I think every one of us, another because we know we could do what we did today and we really believed we could win the Cup.

“We were up against the odds, but I couldn’t give up on my teammates and my captains and I know everyone in this team felt the same way, but we’re very inspired to play for Tiger with Tiger and are so pleased to be I win this cup because of it. I think we all believe in each other and we were able to get the job done for our captain and play captain. “

The Internationals have been seeking their first Presidential Cup title since winning Melbourne in 1998. Woods was in the losing squad 21 years ago.

“I was part of the teams before we won,” Woods said. “There was also, unfortunately, part of this Presidents’ Cup when we lost 21 years ago, so to come here and do it this way, to do it with this team, in particular, was an honor for me and still more of an honor to be their leader. “

Woods showed plenty of emotion as the United States maintained its stranglehold on the Cup Presidents. He said in a press conference: “I’ve freshened up almost every cup we’ve won, I’ve done it for a long time. Every time you have moments where you can do something bigger than us, it’s a lot more important and much more special.”

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