2019 Cup President: Tiger Woods celebrates “amazing” comeback

MELBOURNE, Australia – Tiger Woods has described the return of the United States as “amazing” after the defending champion put on a historic rally to preserve the Presidents’ Cup.

The United States became the first team to win the Presidents’ Cup following the departure of the Internationals on the last day thanks to a stunning fight on Sunday.

PRESIDENT CUP: The US return, as it happened

Led by Woods, the US gave up eight singles points for a 16-14 triumph and an eighth succession after falling 10-8 at the end of Saturday’s game.

Captain Woods, who broke the record for most of the championship, wins by 27, surpassing Phil Mickelson, and said: “We did it together, we came here as a team, my teammates and my boys played well.

“The captains did a great job of getting there for every little detail, I couldn’t do it without the help of all my boys.

“It was one of the most amazing challenges, but you know, the Stricks [Steve Stricker] and the Coupe [Fred Couples] and Zach [Johnson] were amazing,” added 15-year-old champion Woods.

“All guys believed in each other, we supported each other as a team and we did it together.”

Woods sat on four-and-four balls Saturday but returned to lead the US on Sunday, setting the tone with a 3-2 victory over Abraham Ancer.

“I trust all my 11 guys, I trust them implicitly, I told them their job, they went there and got the points we needed.

“Even the points we lost, we made every single one of them win, and this Cup won’t be given to us, we had to win it and we did.”

It was a case so close, but so far for the international team of Ernie Els, who dreamed of the first success of the Cups Presidents since 1998.

The Internationals jumped out of the blocks with a 4-1 lead after the opening day and maintained that advantage until the US ran the script on its head Sunday.

Captain Els, whose team included a series of debuts, was emotional later on.

“I can only give them my love,” Els said. “They tried so hard, they played so hard for each other and the team and to buy something new, as I tried, I really need to take off my hat on each of them.

“There are a lot of young, young players, many players that the world has never seen or heard of, but you will see a lot in the future. I have admiration for my husbands and hunters and wives. It is fantastic.”

Els added: “It’s going to make me cry now, I just love these guys, we’ve spent all week together and all year with all the meetings we’ve had and buying into all the things I came in and were 100 percent, and I was 100 percent with them, it was a collective effort of just great people, women, caddies, the PGA Tour staff, everyone worked together on it.

“We didn’t get the result we wanted, but we got 10 points in four parts of the team game, and that means team building was successful.”

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