2019 Team of fantastic football teams

At the end of every fantastic football plan, every owner sits there and quietly (or not so quietly) hopes that none of his players is the awesome b-word: Busts. Inevitably, though, some of the top choices will get hurt or simply frustrated. In the spirit of tormenting ourselves and our fellow fantasy owners with predictions gone awry, we present our 2019 All-Bust Team fantasy football.

There were some key factors that had to be taken into account when compiling this list. How would we calculate for injuries? This is the biggest thing that could kill names on this list one way or another, but overall, we have put players here whose performances justify the same as any possible injury. Any player with a much higher ADP than overall performance was eligible for the list and to make sure we fit all the special cases, we stretched the roster a bit (though we actually just gave the roster a FLEX point in the form of an extra operating mode).

Below, you will also see visiting players who made preseason selections in the boom-or-bust team. This list was not so much intended to distinguish the children who would be total busts, but rather the players we thought could fight to live up to their advertising plan. As you will see, we hit some and lost others.

With no further hands, we present to you the biggest football prospects of this 2019 NFL season.

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The biggest 2019 fantastic football busts

Note: All of the average bid positions (ADPs) listed below are through FantasyPros.

QB: Baker Mayfield, Browns

There will be no major Mayfield supporter this preseason. I predicted it would be the NFL MVP. I bought throughout the campaign – the huge end of the champion season, the addition of Odell Beckham Jr., a new offensive coordinator who seems to be calling for more passes, etc.

It wasn’t just me, though. Mayfield was the fourth QB outside the draft, on average, behind Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers. There were some fantasy analysts who warned them to stay away from this price, but in general the fantasy owners believed in Mayfield.

Then came the fights. Mayfield did not recognize defenses and did not hit receivers. He didn’t throw more touchdowns than interceptions in a single game until Week 9. Beckham wasn’t the help he should have had. The Browns led Nick Chubb and the current game. The list goes on.

After the fourth QBs training, Mayfield completed the 16-week fantasy season as the No. 20 strategist.

President Boom-or-bust QB: Cam Newton, Panthers

Newton’s early races may have been related to injuries, but this was always part of the deal with him. It was the 10th QB off the board on average, so playing two individual games before losing the rest of the season wasn’t what the fantasy owners were hoping for.

RB: David Johnson, Cardinals

Johnson was the seventh RB to be drafted and the ninth overall player to get off the board. So, the fact that he was playing but had become droppable since the beginning of the playoffs is not a good sign.

Things were going well, with Johnson rushing for 82 yards and getting six passes, including a touchdown, in Week 1. It was a rough road in the coming weeks, but some of it could be torn down in a new offense and a rookie. quarterback. Johnson arrives on board.

Then came Week 7. Johnson was questionable during the week, but once he got activated for the game, everyone thought it would have a fairly normal workload. Instead, he played the first two snaps, carried the ball once, and has not heard again since Chase Edmonds had a monster game. Johnson has not touched the ball more than six times in a game since time wasted and Kenyan Drake took the backfield.

There is really no lesson here. This was simply an unfortunate fate of a crime that did not meet its potential before a time of injury. Johnson will enter his 28th season as a total wild card.

RB: Saquon Barkley, Giants

Barkley was the consensus No. 1 choice in fantasy designs. And really, why not? The average was 5.0 yards per carry in a separate beginner season, and he caught 91 passes, too. His talent had already been realized in his first year in the NFL. It seems obvious that nothing would prevent the campaign from repeating.

So when Saquon ran for more than 100 yards in each of the first two weeks of the season, it was business as usual. The only problem? Barkley failed to surpass 100 grooves in a game between then and Week 14. It may have been one reason you missed out on fantasy play-offs. The only way you benefited from the huge weeks 15 and 16 is if you did well enough to get to the postseason.

To be fair, Barkley’s ankle that shone in the middle of the season undermined something. From his return to Week 14, he averaged 3.2 yards per rush, compared to 6.4 yards per carry before injury. But it was back at 6.5 yards per carry in weeks 15 and 16, and if your team managed to make the fantasy league game with Barkley in your roster, it helped put you at the top.

It’s not like it was a totally useless time for Barkley like it was for Johnson. Barkley still ranks in the top 20 among the RB in fantasy points per game. But if you could do it again, knowing what we know now, it wouldn’t be the top overall pick, and that’s enough to make the obvious 1.1 a failure.

RB: Alvin Kamara, Saints

If you are in a PPR Championship, you may not have noticed Kamara’s disappointing season enough. Ranked 18th in fantasy points per game in regular scoring, but 11th in PPR. But even this 11th in the PPR is lower than one would expect based on ADP. Kamara was the third player off the table in drafts behind Barkley and Christian McCaffrey (and if you were drawing closer to the season, maybe behind Ezekiel Elliott). But some leagues have seen Kamara in front of McCaffrey and that really hurts.

Kamara has had to deal with the injury himself – he hasn’t played in weeks 7 or 8 and New Orleans has not given the ball to the court so often since he returned. But the real lost nature of the Kamara era comes in finding the end zone. After scoring 18 total flights a year ago (14 on the ground, four in the air), Kamara had two overall results this season until Week 14 (one each), and then added two more TDs Week 16.

The heels can be unstable at times, for sure. Moving on to the next season, this season’s touchdown numbers are unlikely to affect a ton to create a valuation for Kamara. But this season, when you loosely link Camara to your lineup each week, the lack of score matters, a lot. And that’s why it’s a bust.

BP or BSS Repeat: Derrick Henry, Titans Damien Williams, Chiefs

Henry was lost. It proves the ugly end of 2018 has caused the following things. Henry was one of the NFL’s most consistent backs this year, having been one of the most consistent in his previous three seasons. Williams was an interesting case all year, because in the games he was healthy and trusted in Andy Reid, he was good. These were few and far between, and injury issues have infected the second half of his time.

WR: Odell Beckham Jr., Browns

If you put Baker Mayfield and Beckham in a room and ask them what was wrong with 2019 fantasy busts, there may be many fingers pointing. From afar, it feels a lot like chicken or the egg question. But whatever the reasons, we know that the OBJ has not lived up to its No. 6 WR taken with plans.

Within 14 weeks, Beckham has exceeded 100 meters twice and recorded two falls. Before one season, in 12 games he played, Beckham exceeded 100 meters five times and dropped six points. The worst part for fantasy owners has been the absolutely useless weeks, like the three games that took place in the 1920s with five more races of 60 meters or less.

It’s not like she didn’t suddenly become talented (though she’s reportedly been involved with a sports hernia all season). The flashes were there, like the 89 yards touchdown against the Jets in Week 2 or some acrobatic catches that still adorn the reels. There was nothing else. none of the consistent, chained, reception centers that made him such a fantastic choice. In the regular championships, Beckham finished week 16 out of the top 30 in fantasy spots among WRs, and he’s not injured either, meaning you probably started him every week just to disappoint again.

WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers

It felt so easy. Smith-Schuster was a star a year ago with Antonio Brown in the city, so with Brown coming out, he would definitely get into an even bigger share of the goal and take the championship by storm. Sure enough, the fantasy owners who got him seventh from the WRs thought that was the case.

But things are going well. Ben Roethlisberger’s first season injury was just the beginning. JuJu has just completed 100 meters. There were fewer than 25 yards receiving in a game five times until Week 16, including a one-yard, seven-yard performance that somehow came to a Pittsburgh victory. He’s been forced to catch passes by Mason Rudolph and Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges.

At least after the knee injury and knee injury suffered the same game on Week 11, the fantasy owners knew they could get him out of their turn instead of saying, “You know, it’s due.” The spot on the fantasy benches caused by Smith-Schuster’s injury has long been deserved, marking his condition as a 2019 bust.

WR: Antonio Brown, Patriots / Inactive

We all had an idea of ​​what was coming up with this guy – but I didn’t know it could go so bad. If you’re like me and I drafted him in the second round the night before the season, there was the obvious possibility of blowing in your face and blowing it up for sure.

It’s not worth digging much deeper here. At least with the release of his patriots, Brown could be released by the fantasy owners and not worry again, unlike the two names above him here. It’s certain he’ll have the potential to bust if he blocks with a team before next season, but he’ll still be one of the league’s most talented wideouts – and a headache for fantasy owners, to be sure.

Boom-or-Bust Preset WRs: Adam Thielen, Vikings Sammy Watkins, Heads Thorland Sundon, Bronx

Thielen was okay when he was healthy, but he suffered an injury that left him very good, including two fights where he left in the first quarter. And Watkins, except for a huge Week 1, was totally bad. Sutton was our biggest gap. Turns out he was just too talented to be kept under a critical Denver quarterback situation, and assisted by a midfielder Emmanuel Sanders.

TE: O.J. Howard, Buccaneers

Howard designed fourth between the tight ends and it was reasonable. His talent had already been realized at the NFL level. It was a rising star. The only thing that none of us could explain enough was the Bruce Arians offense.

Sure, the Arians had never been involved in the tight end, but that was a stud like Howard – he certainly wouldn’t hold it back, would he? In Week 2, when Howard was on the field for 55 theatrical plays but had not targeted a single, he answered that question. He has caught just one touchdown through Week 16, has only one game with five catches and has exceeded 50 yards just three times.

His future is still bright, but most of the owners who drafted him went ahead of the fantastic playoffs – the sure sign of fantasy.

Elder TE-bust-or-bust: Vance McDonald, Steelers

McDonald removed the eighth TE from the board in the presidential race. We had accused him of sleeping before we saw him go so high. Entering Week 17 as the No. 35 TE based on fantasy points, with only one play for 40 yards. Blah.

D / ST: Chicago Bears

The bear’s defense returned to Earth and perhaps even more than he expected. It was still our defensive imagination, so we were wrong. There is too much variety between position – and too much success the defense had to have – to ever reach 10th or 11th defense (and in FantasyPros data, the Bears were 84th overall off the board) .

Default Boom-or-Bust D / ST: Jacksonville Jaguars

That was easy. The Jags were designed as the third D / ST off the table, as if the 2017 season was magically coming back after a year out. The real truth was that the Jaguars weren’t that good, and this season proved that. Hopefully you made it fast and streamed.

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots

Shouting to a kicker a bust is a bit silly, but Gostkowski is the nearest set (along with Adam Vinatieri, but went without winning a few championships to disregard). Gostkowski was the fourth rookie to get drafted, often going just before the final round (which is too early for kickers).

The veteran lost four extra points and a goal in the race during the first four weeks of the season before being ruled out for the season with an injury. Let’s hope you’ve got someone stable. It’s just a lesson you should never get into a kicker, even the most predictable and talented like Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein.

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