2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: QB

Tom Brady is a Buccaneer, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen both got brand-new weapons to toss to (Murray more so than Allen), and Jarrett Stidham is lastly getting his chance to shine! OK, that last one isn’t rather as crucial, however the opening of the NFL complimentary company duration saw some significant finalizings and trades that shocked the 2020 fantasy football quarterback rankings. Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson persevered at the top, however the motion began early and saw some brand-new sleepers occupy the middle and lower tiers.

Murray continued of Deshaun Watson after the Cardinals got DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans. Lots of owners will put Murray ahead of Wilson, however we’re still offering the advantage of the doubt to the veteran, who has actually shown he can install numbers despite supporting cast. We see Watson the very same method, which is why he just fell one area from our preliminary offseason rankings, however there’s a case to be produced moving Allen in front of him after the Expenses got Stefon Diggs. In any case, when you get past Jackson and Mahomes, the next tier of QBs, a minimum of through No. 7 Dak Prescott, is full of comparable men who can get points with their legs in addition to their arms.

Running back|Pass receiver|Tight end|D/ST|Kicker

The next tier of QBs– the veteran pocket passers– stays mainly the same aside from the addition of Brady. We weren’t high up on him in the past, today that he’s on a team with a few of the very best pass- catchers in the NFL, he might truly install numbers. He’ll likely get prepared ahead of a few of the other veterans, however for now, we see him simply inside the top 12 since of his age and immobility.

Lots of will rank Ryan Tannehill greater than where we have him after his resurgent 2019, however with low volume and a dependence on big plays, his margin of mistake is slim. The men in front of him have far better weapons, too, once you remain in the backup tier, anything goes throughout the draft. Some owners may jump on Daniel Jones or Joe Burrow, believing they’re getting “this year’s Lamar,” so rankings just matter a lot.

With the Chargers apparently content with Tyrod Taylor as their starter (we’ll see if that still holds after the draft), he ends up being a tricky sleeper. He’s a strong runner and has all type of weapons around him. He’s another man who will likely rise in the rankings if he truly is anticipated to be under center for the Bolts heading into Week 1 next season. New Panthers starter Teddy Bridgewater might gather more interest, too, however he’s most likely not as interesting as young gunslingers like Gardner Minshew or Drew Lock, both of whom might rise depending upon what their teams perform in the draft.

In General, the 2020 QB rankings are stacked, and there are a number of interesting novices (Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love) who might shake things up even more if they remain in positions to start in Week 1. Former fantasy studs Camera Newton and Jameis Winston are likewise still on the complimentary representative market, so you understand this list will alter a lot of times prior to the season begins. We’ll upgrade it after any big relocations, so examine back for the current.

2020 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Rankings based upon four-point passing goal formats

Rank Gamer
1 Lamar Jackson, Ravens
2 Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
3 Russell Wilson, Seahawks
4 Kyler Murray, Cardinals
5 Deshaun Watson, Texans
6 Josh Allen, Expenses
7 Dak Prescott, Cowboys
8 Matt Ryan, Falcons
9 Carson Wentz, Eagles
10 Drew Brees, Saints
11 Aaron Rodgers, Packers
12 Tom Brady, Buccaneers
13 Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
14 Baker Mayfield, Browns
15 Jared Goff, Rams
16 Matthew Stafford, Lions
17 Joe Burrow, TBD (most likely Bengals)
18 Daniel Jones, Giants
19 Ryan Tannehill, Titans
20 Jimmy Garoppolo, 49 ers
21 Tyrod Taylor, Chargers
22 Philip Rivers, Colts
23 Kirk Cousins, Vikings
24 Derek Carr, Raiders
25 Teddy Bridgewater, Panthers
26 Gardner Minshew, Jaguars
27 Sam Darnold, Jets
28 Drew Lock, Broncos
29 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins
30 Dwayne Haskins, Redskins
31 Nick Foles, Bears
32 Jarrett Stidham, Patriots

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