2020 Lekki Toll Gate Shooting: Nigerian Justice panel condemns shooting as ‘bloodbath’

the judicial panel of Investigation and Restitution at the Court of Lagos of Arbitration was in charged with to investigate last year’s infamous Lekki tollbooth shooting in Lagos, when Nigerian security forces opened up fire on young people protest peacefully against alleged police brutality.

His bomb report — die took more than a year produce — accuse Nigerian army officers of have shot, wounded and killed unarmed helpless and defenseless protesters without provocation of justification, while they met waved the Nigerian flag and sang the song. national anthem and the way of assault and killing could in context can be described as a massacre.”

The panel also found “behavior of the Nigerian military was aggravated by its refusal to allow ambulances provide medical assistance to victims who required such help. The army was also found not having followed his own rules of Involvement.”

The panel’s report underscores and repeatedly references previous CNN coverage that used timestamps, video data and geolocation last year analyze hours of video filmed by protesters.

CNN’s investigation found the Nigerian army fired live rounds go inside crowds at the Lekki toll gate, killing and several injured people. multiple witnesses also told CNN last year that ambulances were not allowed to enter the location to help injured protesters.

Police officers arrive on the spot of protest in commemoration of the one-year anniversary of #EndSARS, a movement against police brutality, at the Lekki toll gate in lagos, on October 20, 2021.

Despite an abundance of video evidence, the Nigerian government has long denied that protesters were shot. Last month, on the one-year anniversary of the shooting, minister from Nigeria of Alhaji Lai Mohammed described the incident as a “ghost massacre” and continued to dismiss CNN’s investigation as fake news.

The government and military did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the judicial panelMonday’s report, citing dozens of CNN of times.

However, Lagos Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has said that the state of Lagos government would implement the panel’s recommendations, according to local media.

“This will help in correct refund and compensation for everybody who must have been wronged. l want to assure you, a white paper will be issued. I’m going to form a committee to review the document between two weeks and bring out a white paper,” said Sanwo-Olu, according to the International Center for Research Report.

What happened

forward of the bloody one events at Lekki toll gate last year, protesters had participated in daily protests in all of Nigeria for almost two weeks over widespread claims of kidnapping, intimidation and extortion by a police unit die known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
Shooting on October 20 would eventually destroy the fledgling Nigerian youth protest movement known as #EndSARS.

investigating panel was initially set up in October 2020 by Lagos State government investigating cases of alleged police brutality — and the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad — and later charged with investigation into the toll gate incident.

'He died in my arms.'  Twelve months on, a motheris painfully waiting to find out why she son died at Lekki toll gate

The panel’s report further claims coverage-up attempts by the police, die the says cleaned up up the aftermath of the shooting at the toll booth of Lekki and failed to keep the scene for researchers. “The Police Officers” also tried to cover up their actions by choosing up bullets,” the report says.

It also accuses Nigerian authorities of to mess with CCTV footage and the removal of the bodies of the dead from the scene.

The report recommends that all members of the Nigerian army except for one important general die were deployed at the Lekki toll gate face “appropriate disciplinary action and be stripped” of their status”, before being fired.

“They are not fit and proper to serve” in each public of security service of the nation,” it says.

The report added that “the dark days” of military rule is over and more democratic principles and approaches are: required until win both the peace and public to trust.”

Reaction to the report sparked an emotional outburst on social media platform Twitter late on monday night in Nigeria. A lot of young people have told CNN they feel justified by the findings.

“Tears filled my eyes. The truth doesn’t need any defensesaid DJ Switch, who live-what streamed of the events of die night and was later forced to flee the country.

Similar to Olaoye, who was standing in the front line of the protest die evening, told CNN: “The findings of the judicial panel of Enquiry in his report defining the atrocities at the toll booth as a massacre is a big win and leads us on a way to obtain justice for a lot of of the innocent victims, survivors and lost souls die still lying down in unmarked graves.”

Sera Ibrahim, who took part in the #EndSARS protests and also gave evidence to the panel investigation, told CNN justice and accountability now need until follow. “I hope all recommendations are implemented out. on one part is admitting it happened, on another part is accountability,” she said.

“Justice is totally incomplete without” accountability,” Ibrahim added.

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