21 Sudanese soldiers killed in an attack on the Ethiopian border

The Sudanese army revealed that it had repelled an attack within the eastern borders carried out by Ethiopian forces and the Amhara militias on Saturday.

Senior military sources have reported to the site web local “Sudan Tribune” that the Sudanese army responded to the incursion of Ethiopian forces and Amhara militias into the Sudanese lands east of Barakat Noreen at the Malakawa settlement at a depth of 17 kilometers, confirming that 21 Sudanese soldiers were killed in the clashes.

He also indicated that clashes that broke out with heavy weapons continued until this afternoon.

Sources say the new Ethiopian raid aims to achieve two goals, the first is to support the largest farmers in Amhara, who are working to raise some 10,000 hectares planted within Sudanese, and the second is to block the way for the armed forces. of the Tigray Liberation Front to advance in the Ethiopian region of Bahir Dar.

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese army, from time to time in time, since its liberation of most of the lands of Greater Fashqa and Lesser Fashqa in November 2020, it has repelled attacks by Ethiopian forces and the militias that support them.

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