22 injuries. Israeli security forces disperse a demonstration in Nablus

Reacted on Friday die Israeli security forces at a Palestinian demonstration south of Nablus, in which dozens of people were injured.

22 civilians were killed during the repression die Security forces injured in a protest march in which die Settlement on the summit of Sabih in the city of Beita south of Nablus was convicted.

The Palestinian news agency reported, citing medical sources, that die Security forces fired live bullets and rubber-coated metal, heavy grenades and tear gas die Protesters fired and two civilians wounded with live bullets, three with rubber-coated metal, 15 from asphyxiation and 2 wounded as a result of their falls after die Occupation soldiers pursued them.

Dozens of citizens prayed on the top of the mountain and organized a march, the die Establishment of a settlement area condemned.

Settlement areas

It is worth noting that Israeli settlers tried several times to establish a settlement area on the top of the mountain, and as a result of the people’s demonstrations in they were removed from the villages of Beita, Qabalan and Yatma.

Recently, however, more than 20 “caravans” have been built around die prepare for full conquest of the mountaintop.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned

In a similar context, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned on Friday die Approval by Israel to build 560 settlement units southeast of Bethlehem.

In a statement she assumed that die The credibility of the US government, its President Joe Biden and its Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is at stake because Israel continues them in Embarrasses by escalating its settlement and aggression against the Palestinian people. as she said.

She also expressed her wish that die Biden administration should succeed ahead of Israeli tests by establishing its credibility and word of mouth and implementing its positions and guidelines, adding that it would depend on American behavior towards Israeli intransigence and on the ground.

In addition, the ministry stopped die Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu fully and directly for die Operations of settlement expansion and die Seizure of Palestinian territories responsible and warned of their disastrous consequences for die Opportunities for peace according to the principle of the two-state solution.

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