24 thousand wanted to follow the activities of the Camel Festival in 4 days

Camel lovers and fans capture moments of the large mass gathering at the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which began in early December in Al-Sayad, where they interact with songs and photographs to document moments in the parade ground during festival competitions . The mass turnout reached its peak at the weekend (Friday and Saturday) with around 24,000 enthusiasts flocking to attend the events, which exceed the first opening days that begin in the morning with the camel show. in how much they seem to have characteristics of joy and pleasure for the exceptional organization of the festival.

The movement of the masses entering and exiting the festival is completely fluid with no crowd, in amidst a strong security presence, with the presence of festival officials, whose main duties are to organize movement within the festival venue and prevent crowding at its flanks.

The crowd platforms testify to a clear commitment to the places inside the stands, which can accommodate about 6000 fans, eager for an organized interaction according to the indications received at the moment of entry. Participation in the King Abdulaziz Festival was not limited to a certain age, with ages ranging from 20 to 50, which indicates that the camel industry and its festivals affect many groups, old and young.

The outer entrance gates are said to welcome the masses in so that they are directed to their platform, and therefore to their designated places; To avoid crowds and confusion at the entrances, the festival administration has also set up two platforms to receive masses, each with its own entrance and exit, and large television screens have been set up in front of each of them, to convey events and activities. in clearer way.

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