$ 275 million in new US aid to Ukraine

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Friday that the United States will provide $ 275 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine, including weapons, ammunition and equipment from US Department of Defense stocks.

Blinken added that his country is also working to provide Ukraine with the air defense capabilities it needs with the (NASAMS) system, which has been supplied by the United States and is ready for delivery. in Ukraine next month.

He also indicated that Washington is working with allies and partners to enable the delivery of their air defense systems in Ukraine, according to Reuters.

Ammunition and vehicles

And two informed US officials revealed on Friday that the next security assistance package that President Joe Biden’s administration will provide to Ukraine is expected to include ammunition and vehicles and will amount to $ 725 million, but will not include new capabilities or air defenses. .

Washington usually uses Ukraine’s Security Assistance Initiative money to purchase weapons from manufacturers, rather than withdraw them from existing US arms stocks, to finance the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including the advanced air defense system ( NAMS) which is expected to be sent this month.

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The Advanced Air Defense System (NASAMS) is manufactured by Raytheon Technologies of America and Kongsberg of Norway.

With the addition of the latest package, US total security assistance to Ukraine has brought in more than $ 17.5 billion since the Russian operation began on February 24.

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