29 bodies in a river .. Khartoum summons the Ethiopian ambassador

After the case of the bodies that floated about two months ago in one of Sudan’s rivers, which had caused a sensation in the country, Khartoum revealed today, Wednesday, that it had summoned the Ethiopian ambassador.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it summoned the ambassador on 30 August 2021, against the background of the authorities’ finding, in the period from 26 July to 8 August, that 29 bodies were swept. via from the Sett River, east of the villages adjacent to the Wad Al Helio locality, in the state of Kassala.

He also indicated that he had informed the ambassador that the bodies belonged to Ethiopian citizens of Tigray nationality, and their identity had been identified by some Ethiopian individuals residing in thearea by Wad Al Helio. And he asked him to transfer it to the authorities of his country.

Eyewitnesses and Sudanese local authority officials had in previously confirmed the presence of dozens of bodies at the mouth of the aforementioned river.

dark story

They also claimed the bodies tell a dark story of arrests, mass killings and executions across the border in the Tigray province town of Hamira, CNN recently reported.

While a Sudanese water engineer explained to CNN that the speed of the river’s flow swept via the bodies from Humira to Wadi Al-Hilu in Sudan in about two or three hours.

While the valley authorities filed reports to the police and coroner on every body that was found, documenting prove of torture and gunshot wounds that were found on the bodies of many of the dead.

Forensic experts also explained that all of the recovered bodies died before drowning in the water.

The Ethiopian government is accused of committing several crimes and violations in the Tigray region, which last year witnessed violent clashes with the rebel Tigray Liberation Front, which led to the displacement of thousands of people to Sudan and the killing of hundreds.

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