3 decades of confrontation with Iran … die Assassination of the most prominent commander of the war against die Houthis

Today, Saturday, the Yemeni Defense Ministry announced die Assassination of the commander of the Sixth Military Region, Major General Amin Al-Waeli, known while he was in die Fight against die Led the Houthi coup militia on the fronts between Al-Jawf and Marib governorates.

After this announcement, there was great sadness die Yemenis, die viewed his death as a great loss and remembered his heroism after three decades of confrontation with Iran and its proxies in loved the region on the battlefields.

Activists in Hours before his death, social media posted videos of Al-Waili when he die Led confrontations in front of his soldiers on the flag front between Marib and Al-Jawf.

Major General Amin Al-Waeli is the most prominent commander of the war against die Houthi Militia, and he is the commander of the Sixth Military Region and its area of ​​operation, Al-Jawf, Saada and Amran, and he led that region twice, where he was first appointed commander in 2015-2018 before returning in November 2020 was appointed head.

He was previously injured more than once and escaped certain death several times, one of which was in a rocket attack on a government building in April 2017 in Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf, took place.

Al-Waeli was one of the most prominent leaders of the former Republican Guard and Armored Division and an experienced war commander against the Iranian camp in of the region, starting with participating in the Iraq War as the commander of the fighting legions there in 1989, before returning to Yemen to lead the wars against the Houthi insurrection in Saada governorate, which got out of control and was armed. Armed since 2004, when Al-Waeli was in command of the Al Saifi camp, then in command of the 122nd Infantry Brigade in the strongholds of the pro-Iranian Houthi movement in Saada.

Major General Al-Waili was born in Wassab Al-Aali Governorate in 1962 in Born in Dhamar (Central Yemen). He has a bachelor’s degree in Military Science with a focus on Artillery Corps from War College 1984 and a Masters degree in Military Science (Iraq). 1999 and the Higher Military Academy – Higher College of Was (fourth session of War Alia) Sana’a, BA in Sharia and Law, Sana’a University.

The death notice from the Yemeni Defense Ministry and the Presidency of the General Staff confirmed that Al-Waeli was one of the first officers to die responded to the call for home and duty after die subversive militias A.D. 2014 in die Sanaa took part in the leadership of the liberation march from the Hadramout Desert, adding: “He was credited with having the nucleus for die Restoration of the Sixth Military Region established, formed its units and commanded them. He also valiantly participated in the operations of liberation from a number of regions and locations. He leads die Ranks and accompanied die Heroes, fights courageously and bravely and leads with skill and competence.

The statement indicated that his suffering from the disease (he suffered from cancer) did not prevent him from returning to the battlefield, nor did his determination and spirit get through die many injuries, die he in had suffered the battles of liberation, and he stood tall until he achieved die Honor the martyrdom that his hero Ibrahim had preceded him.

The Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Army confirmed that die precious sacrifice die Will increase the determination and determination of the Liberals to rid Yemen of Iranian projects and slogans and its subversive militias and to fight terrorism and extremism.

She expressed pride and pride die eternal sacrifice and heroism, die Heroes in bring up all areas as well die broad national positions and die Rally … and paid tribute die Efforts and die Support the brothers in the coalition in support of the legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the joint national defense struggle against the Persian enemy and die Confrontation with all plans, die on die Stability and Security of Yemen and die Waiting for security of the region.

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