3 fishermen were killed in an explosion in their boat in Gaza

Palestinian medical sources on Sunday confirmed the murder of three fishermen found in an explosion on a fishing boat in the Mediterranean off Khan Yunis (southern Gaza Strip), the causes of which are not yet known.

Doctors at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis told AFP that three fishermen had arrived at the hospital on Sunday morning.

The head of the Palestinian Fisheries Syndicate in the Gaza Strip, Nizar Ayyash, for his part, confirmed the murder of three fishermen “in Bahr Khan Yunis south of the strip”. Ayyash said the fishermen (who were two brothers and their cousin) died “after a grenade from an unknown source fell on their boat”.

While no official Palestinian party has released additional details on the incident, Iyad Al-Bazam said the ministry is investigating the incident.

Minutes before the explosion, local media reported that Hamas was testing rockets fired at sea.

For its part, the Israeli army issued a statement confirming that Israel was not responsible for the incident. A statement from the army spokesman said that Israeli forces “did not fire in any way this morning as our data suggests that the cause of the explosion was internal”.

And live in the Gaza Strip, where Israel has imposed a strict blockade on land, sea and air for almost 14 years, about two million people, almost two thirds of whom are refugees.

Hamas has controlled the impoverished and besieged sector since 2007. During this time she waged three wars with Israel.

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