3 large club they are trying to bargain with Saud

The statement by the president of the club Al-Ittihad Anmar Al-Haili paved the way for club to sign international player Saud Abdel Hamid.

This was a different reason club have opened negotiations to obtain the acquisition of the player, mainly because he is an international player and a young man at the age of “22”.

Al-Madina information indicates that 3 large club they expressed a desire to include the player and one of them club he refused to enter into negotiations with Saud in a sign of appreciation for the strong relationship they have with the Al-Ittihad Club, but Anmar’s statement was clear and explicit that Saud is available to those who wish to bargain with him, as long as his club do not want it, and another club who competes with the sergeant, living in precarious economic conditions, expressed interest in contracting the player.

On the other hand, the Anmar communiqué again disturbed the federal climate, and entered the divisions between the federalists between supporters and opponents, even if the majority agreed that the communiqué method via social is not worthy of the president of the club Al-Ittihad e in an important case.

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