3 new features in I arrive on WhatsApp … you need to know

The WhatsApp application has suffered a lot of criticism during the recent period after the announcement of the new terms of use for the application at the beginning of quest’year.

The company has withdrawn from its obligation to stop using the app for users who do not accept its new policies.

It has worked to regain user support, through many new features that improve the experience of using the service.

Messages that disappear on their own

While WhatsApp offers a new feature to hide messages sent after a period of 7 days has passed since they were sent, and the company may in the next update provide more options for users, in order to determine the period after which the message it automatically disappears without any intervention on your part, and this feature is considered one of the required benefits in the application.

Instead of the default option of 7 days, users can set which messages are sent in so that they disappear for a period of between 24 hours and 90 days.
Listen to the messages non-stop

Also, you can’t listen to WhatsApp voicemails and work on another app at the same time, but that is about to change.

3 new features in I arrive on WhatsApp … you need to know
WhatsApp (iStock)

The company has begun testing the option to start listening and then exit the conversation while continuing to play the audio message.

During playback a window at the top of the application is pinned with the option to put in pause or stop playing the voice message.
Stores messages until they are received as part of the multi-device functionality that allows you to use WhatsApp via browser without having to activate your smartphone data. The company is testing the feature to store recently sent messages on its servers to allow all of your devices to download them.

Although these messages remain end-to-end encrypted and are only saved for as long as it takes to be delivered to your device. However, this is especially important for users running the app on multiple devices.

WhatsApp won’t work on old devices

Interestingly, WhatsApp had announced that it would be discontinuing support for many older Android phone models starting November 1st, as devices running Android 4.0.4 lose the ability to send messages, photos, or make video calls.

This is part of the company’s policy of providing many benefits that require the full operation of modern operating systems. How do you call them in joinable conference and stickers.

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