3 sea turtles of a protected species released in Tunisia after being rescued

Three marine turtles of a protected species were released off the coast of Sfax in eastern Tunisia this weekend after being rescued, and one of them was equipped with a tracking system, the project coordinator said Sunday.

The operation was carried out by the Sea Turtle Care Center in Sfax, in the presence of about fifty people, many of them children. Since its inception last June, the center has treated around 35 turtles as part of the ‘Live Med Turtle’.

“This turtle is a loggerhead, a common species in the waters of the Mediterranean and Tunisia,” project coordinator Imad Jeribi told AFP. in particularly in the Gulf of Gabes (center-east). “The tracking device provided to us by the University of Primorska in Slovenia will allow us to follow the movements of this turtle because it is a migratory species “, added the professor of the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax. Attach the tracker to the shell of the turtle.

Turtles are often caught in fishing nets and it is the fishermen who bring them to the specialized assistance center in the wilaya of Sfax. The center placed markings on the three turtles to facilitate their identification in future. According to Imad Al-Jeribi, the “Marwa” turtle, equipped with a tracking system, was “accidentally caught by fishermen”. The researcher added that “the identification of wintering, grazing and migration paths plays an important role in the protection of these species. in via of extinction “.