30 dead in a weekend attack in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Saturday’s attack in Ituri by suspected Alliance of Democratic Forces rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 30 people, the United Nations and local sources said Monday morning.

And according to a preliminary report, on Saturday evening, from a local source, 14 people were killed in the hills of Tsani Tsani and Mabasana in the town of Luna Sambuku, on the border with North Kivu, about 100 km south of Bunia.

“The civilians who went to take the bodies of the victims found 16 more bodies in the bush, bringing (the toll) to 30 civilians dead,” said local official Dieudonne Malangayi of Bunia. in an interview with an AFP correspondent in Ituri.

A UN source confirmed to AFP that at least 30 people were killed in the attack on Luna Sambuku.
According to the testimony of a man involved in the transport of the bodies, the victims were mainly killed with machetes, gunshots or massacred.

Since May, the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri are in state of emergency as civilian authorities have been replaced by elements of the army and police to deal with armed groups.

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