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30 dead when the bus fell off the bridge in Kenya

About 30 people were killed Sunday evening in central Kenya after a passenger bus fell off a bridge, a local official announced on Monday.

The bus fell from a height of about forty meters into the Niti River when it was crossing an often accidental bridge about fifty kilometers from the city of Meru from where it was heading towards Mombasa in the south-east of the country. About twenty people died on the spot and another four died in hospital, while six bodies were recovered from the river Monday morning, said Norbert Komura, an administrative official of the Taraka Niti district. “The search operations continue and we are trying to recover the wreckage of the bus (…) and the investigation continues to find the cause of the accident,” he added.

The images published by media locals showed a damaged bus and seats thrown out of its facility. The number of road accident victims is in increase for several years. Between January and June 1912 people were killed, compared to 1,754 in the same period of the previous year, with an increase of 9%, according to the latest data from the Transport and Traffic Safety Authority.


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