30 thousand questions Washington disappoints Afghan immigrants

While immigration applications continue to flow to the relevant US administrations, from Afghanistan, since the Taliban movement took control of the country last August, it appears that Washington has begun to change the door opening policy pursued. in precedence, against Afghan citizens trying to leave the country.

US President Joe Biden’s administration recently responded to requests from thousands of Afghans seeking to immigrate to the United States for humanitarian reasons after in a few months more than 30,000 applications were received, while in previously the number was limited to a maximum of 2,000 per year, according to the site web “Axios” today, Thursday.

strict conditions

Immigration lawyers also confirmed that Washington has placed intolerable barriers to those seeking a safe haven on its soil, after pledging to protect its Afghan allies who have worked with its forces or within the country. its affiliated or funded institutions in the country, in past years.

For his part, a Homeland Security official revealed that applications from over 100 Afghans had been approved since the summer (August 2021), but explained that there were also dozens of applications that were rejected.

From Kabul airport on 23 August 2021 (AFP)
From Kabul airport on 23 August 2021 (AFP)

While some rejection letters showed, according to Axios, that “the request and its humanitarian justifications must be documented by a third source, specifying the name of the beneficiary of the asylum or immigration grant, and the serious damage it faces. or the dangers it faces. “

However, immigration lawyers considered this illogical standard evidence of threat or serious harm given the current conditions in Afghanistan

They also made it clear that they hoped immigration approval processes would be quicker and smoother, to allow more Afghans to enter the United States. in escape from the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the director of public policy at the Department of Immigration and Refugees pointed out that the guidance and guidelines issued by the United States Immigration Services for the year 2017 “provide all clear and explicit instructions confirming that the approval of an immigration application is conditional and specific for people who face the fear of suffering harm due to rampant violence in their countries ”.

Thousands of influx

Interestingly, since the Taliban took control of the country, thousands of people have poured into the airport during the chaotic evacuations that took place last August and September, and thousands have also gone to passport offices, especially in Kabul, to get their documents to leave, for fear of violations by the movement that ruled the first Hadidiya in the 1990s, carrying out severe and extremist sentences against its opponents or those who violate its laws.

However, the movement’s officials have returned and have appealed to their citizens in recent months to stay in the country. in particularly to doctors, engineers and highly skilled pilots, trying to reassure the suspicious, apparently to no avail!

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