30,000 Nasrawi prepare to receive Ronaldo at the “Marsool Park” stadium.

RIYADH: Al-Nasr Saudi Club presents its new player, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, tomorrow, Tuesday, at the “Marsol Park” stadium in Riyadh, wearing the “Al-Alamy” uniform, kissing his logo and taking “selfies” with fans behind him. 30,000 spectators will gather as Ronaldo is introduced by the president of club Mosley Al Muammar and Mohamed El Khereiji, one of the honorary members of the Al Nasr Club. The welcome of the Portuguese star comes in the manner of Real Madrid in presenting the welcome of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 at the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, and will see the presence of prominent Christian personalities, as well as gods media and of the masses. And the Saudi daily Al-Riyadiah reported today, Monday, that well-informed sources revealed to him that “the star Portuguese will give a short speech during the ceremony to those present» and «the possibility of moving training to the Marsool stadium is being discussed, in so that it is available to the masses, with the presence of 30,000 spectators for the first time”. He referred to the Al-Nasr management’s agreement with the advertising company “Saudi Ways”, in coordination with the French Rudi Garcia, coach of the first football team, in order not to exceed the presentation of the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo for a long time. Ronaldo’s arrival is scheduled for today, Monday, in Riyadh at eleven in the evening, with a private plane that will take him from Madrid, accompanied by his family and a group of his media and legal advisers, amid security restrictions. On Tuesday afternoon, Ronaldo will undergo a medical before applying for his international card, which will allow him to participate with Al-Nassr in upcoming matches. The same sources have indicated that Cristiano will stay in one of the famous hotels in Riyadh, until his permanent residence is prepared. On Friday, the president of Al-Nasr Club, Mosli Al Muammar, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Al-Nasr team, which is located out of Saudi Arabia, and which concluded the agreement with the star Ronaldo World Cup. And he said through his Twitter account: “I thank my dear brothers who worked and committed themselves to complete the most important deal in the history of Saudi sport, led by the optimist Muhammad Al-Khuraiji, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi , Walid Al-Muhaidib, Hassan Al-Sheikh and Abdullah Al-Turki”. Mohamed El-Khereiji, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Ways company, is considered one of the most prominent businessmen and one of the honorary members of the Al-Nasr Club. Last Friday, the club Al-Nasr has announced a contract with Ronaldo for two and a half seasons, from January 2023 to June 2025, on a parameter zerofrom Manchester United, in England. It was reported that Ronaldo will receive 500 million euros (more than two billion Saudi riyals) during his contract with Al-Nasr, which is the most expensive salary in football history. Al-Khereiji, who played an important role in settling the Ronaldo deal, said via his Twitter account: “It adds a different value to our country which improves its position in marketing and investment… Football it’s an industry and our sport deserves more because we live in an era of vision that does not recognize simple steps led by our inspiring leader… an important deal and we hope to see the same in our league”. (dpa)