343 is working on Halo: Reach’s audio and stuttering issues

Halo: Reach was released on a Windows PC in December with Halo: The Master Chief Collection on a Windows PC. Halo’s return to the PC was generally good, but the players reported some key issues: audio issues, image stuttering, and the inability to crouch when moving. In a blog entry this week, 343 Industries outlines the plan to address these and other issues.

“As with any halo game, starting is just the first step on a much larger journey,” the developer wrote. “Our publishing team is currently working intensively on the general feedback we have received in the past two weeks.”

343 Industries said the team is working on the reported audio issues and will release the “ASAP” patch. However, the stuttering problem is somewhat more challenging: 343 Industries said it is still investigating the cause of it. There is no estimated schedule for a fix, but the developer advised gamers to turn off third-party applications that were running in the background as a temporary fix.

The inability to crouch while moving was a feature “with the original Xbox 360 implementation,” said 343 Industries, but the developer “is testing a solution” to bring this back. No schedule was mentioned either.

343 Industries commented on the other incoming adjustments as follows:

  • Tear Screen / VSync: Some bugs have been fixed that will be included in one of our upcoming patches, and we will continue to address issues as they appear.
  • Key assignments: Work is underway to relink both text chat and push-to-talk.
  • Mouse input: We saw a small percentage of players reporting this as a problem. Please continue to submit support tickets if you experience problems with entry delays. This is an area of ​​the game that we will continue to monitor and improve where we can.
  • The patch we released this week fixes an issue that should improve the input performance and experience for mouse and keyboard players. We look forward to the feedback from the community. Please let us know how this change feels to you.
  • Show model: We are currently working on giving players the ability to make changes along the X and Y axes. A first implementation is in the test and in the draft review with our team.

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