3rd largest in the United States city introduces the intentionally “inconvenient” vaxx mandate

Only those who submit proof of Covid-19 vaccination and ID will be allowed in Chicago bars, restaurants and gyms after new year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced, defining the mandate “inconvenient from design. ”

Quoting the wave in cases of coronavirus in the largest in Illinois city, the Democratic mayor said he had “no choice” but to impose the mandate, in to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

“If you wish to live life normally like possible, with the ease of doing the things you love, you have to be vaccinated in the city of Chicago starting January 3 “ light foot announced on Tuesday. “This sanitary order can be an inconvenience to the unvaccinated and in fact it is uncomfortable to design. “

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Under mandate, anyone over the age of 5 who want to dine indoors, work out in to gym, or visiting a Chicago entertainment venue where food or drinks are served, will have to show trial of vaccination. Those from 16 years old in on they will also duty show a driver license or other module of ID that matches their vaccination record.

Grocery shop stores without interior dining sections, houses of cult and restaurants and bars at Midway and O’Hare airports will be exempt from the mandate, as will charity kitchens, schools and daycare centers.

However, the ordinance does not apply to employees. establishments that wish assume people who they are not fully vaccinated need to “ensure that both employees continue to disguise themselves when interacting with patrons and provide proof of a negative weekly test” for COVID-19.

This exemption was the product of retail lobbying e restaurant associations, which also convinced Lightfoot to postpone the term until after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Illinois Retail Merchants Association President Rob Karr pointed out out the mandate wonnon apply to anyone to come in in an establishment for less than 10 minutes – like people collection up make, make deliveries, or using the bathroom.

However, it will apply to weddings and private parties in food is served, Lightfoot told the press conference on Tuesday. The order will be executed with progressively stricter penalties.

First related to Omicron death in    United States reported

TO KNOW MORE: First related to Omicron death in United States reported

“I do not want having to go there. We should to be way past that point in which we see people . trying to put their profits over health e safety of their patrons and their employees. And if we see it, then we’ll bring the hammer down. There is no doubt” she said.

asked if “more extreme” measures may be required down the way, Lightfoot said it will depend on “the unvaccinated”.

“Our future it will depend on whether or not they stop hesitating and get the vaccine “, she said.

Councilor Tom Tunney, who owns three Chicago restaurants, said the warrant will get things done “more burdensome “ and increase costs for restaurants already struggling with a shortage of staff, but it’s better than a block.

“There is not good Arriving out of this thing. But, given where we are and this latest surge, I guess that’s the safest thing to do at this point. We certainly don’t want to be shut down” he told the Sun-Times.

About 20% of Chicago’s more than 7,300 restaurants have folded so far during the pandemic.

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