4 explosions in Transnistria, separated from Moldova

The authorities of the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria in Moldova announced today, Saturday, that four explosions occurred near a former airport on Friday evening in a village on the border with Ukraine, but no injuries were reported.

“Near the village of Voronkovo, in the Rybnitsa region, in the vicinity of the former airport, there were four explosions,” the Transnistrian Interior Ministry said via Telegram.

The separatists said: On the night of May 6, around 21:40, two explosive devices were dropped from a drone. An hour later, the attack repeated “noting that there were no casualties, according to” AFP “.

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The village of Voronkovo ​​is located about five kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

There have been several incidents in the region recently, including shootings near a weapons depot and a series of explosions, which raise concerns about an extension of the current conflict. in Ukraine.

“A team of investigators is on the scene,” the note read, adding that this was the second attack in Voronkovo. The first was recorded at 19:20 GMT on May 5, when “two bombs were dropped from a drone”, causing no deaths or injuries.

Transnistria is a breakaway border region with southwestern Ukraine and has had a Russian military garrison since 1992. It separated from Moldova after a brief civil war in following the collapse of the Soviet Union. It has a population of around 500,000 and is supported by Moscow economically and militarily.

In recent weeks, fears have grown that conflict in Ukraine would extend to Transnistria after Russian general Rustam Minnikaev said that control of southern Ukraine would allow the Russians to reach this region directly.

For its part, Kiev accuses Russia of trying to destabilize Transnistria with the aim of justifying a military operation through it.

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