4 months in prison for the partner of a famous perfumer on charges of abuse

Christina Cragg Mikkelsen, Jean-Paul Guerlain’s life partner, was given a four-month suspended prison sentence for committing violent practices against the 86-year-old French perfumer, according to a source familiar with the case on Monday. The court (west of Paris) had previously acquitted her. In October 2021, Kristina Kragh Mikkelsen, originally on trial for “negligence of a person unable to protect himself”.

One of the doctors noticed signs of inflammation caused by not receiving proper care, on Guerlain, who is in pain in detail of the problem of involuntary urination. The court had indicated that Christina had obstructed Guerlain’s treatment, but that tale obstacle did not constitute negligence punishable by law.

The prosecutor appealed the decision of the Versailles court and Christina was tried again in Court of Appeal, but this time on charges of “deliberate violence”. The 64-year-old Frenchwoman was sentenced Thursday for “moral harassment” of a former housekeeper who worked for Jean-Paul Guerlain.

A legal battle takes place between Christina and Stéphane Guerlain, son of Jean-Paul Guerlain, as Stéphane accuses her of exploiting his father, who is one of the richest in France and has Alzheimer’s. Christina’s defense attorney, Frederic Bello, commented that the verdict against her was “very harsh and was based solely on the statements of two carers paid by Stéphane Guerlain”.

As for the perfumer’s son’s lawyer, Pascal Korver, he said: “Stephan Guerlain feels relieved that the facts became known as they unfolded, and he, in turn, was acquitted of all charges brought against him by Christina in response to the lawsuit filed against her.” In June, the criminal court of Versailles acquitted Stéphane Guerlain, accused by his father’s life partner of having waged a “war of harassment” and of having threatened her several times.

Christina Cragg Mikkelsen and Jean-Paul Guerlain first met in 2005. The two tried to get married, but a court canceled the engagement contract at the request of Jean-Paul’s son, on the grounds that the famous perfumer it was not in a state authorized to consent to marriage.