4 people died from drowning in a dam in central Yemen, including two brothers

Four people from a family, including two brothers, drowned one by one in the Qarn al-Assad Dam in Rada’a, Al-Bayda Governorate, central Yemen, on Saturday, due to the latest drownings that kidnapped the life of two kids in Sana’a and Al-Dhale’e and seven other children were also rescued.

Sources of media and Yemeni activists said: “Citizen Khaled Muhammad Al-Jahrani lost his two sons,” Radwan and Youssef “and two other relatives, by drowning in the Qarn Al-Assad Dam in Al-Arsh district, Al governorate. -Bayda “.

According to reports from many residents and eyewitnesses, “the two children (Radwan and Youssef) drowned before the others tried to save them, but they also died, according to the site. web local “Yemen Monitor”.

THE social media they reported the incident with a kind of shock and great sadness, and many activists expressed condolences and solidarity to the father of the two children and to the families of the disappeared.

The incident comes two days after a similar incident at the Syan Dam, south of the capital, Sana’a, which killed a 15-year-old girl and saved four other girls from drowning.

The water dams in Yemen lacks the most basic types of security, in addition to the complete absence of law enforcement, safety and emergency teams, which has led to the deaths of many people, mostly children and women, due to swimming and approaching to these waters, especially during occasions and holidays.

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