4 Simple Ways to Earn Money using Facebook

Facebook has evolved from being a social media platform to a marketplace. Now that we all agree on that notion, there must be ways to earn through Facebook. Facebook is a platform that can be used for a plethora of reasons. With the development of technology and accessibility to the internet in many parts of the world, social media platforms like Facebook are flourishing. If you are looking for ways to make Facebook a livelihood, today’s article is perfect for you. Today we are going to discuss the 4 ways you can earn money using Facebook. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

  • Selling items on the Facebook marketplace

    Since Facebook has understood the importance of its role in connecting people, it has released the Facebook marketplace. As the name suggests, the Facebook marketplace is an eCommerce website where you can buy from Facebook users. The Facebook marketplace connects people who have a surplus and are in need, which is perfect for people trying to make money on the platform. If you have a few things lying here and there, that you don’t need anymore. You can probably resell them on Facebook. This is basically similar to craigslist, but now you have more users added to the list. Also, since Facebook is where most of the mature audience is, the buying potential per customer is more. If you start a business of reselling items on Facebook, then you can really scale it a lot more than you can imagine. Apart from that Facebook marketplace is also a great place to just see what kind of products are out there and in demand. This creates a sense of awareness, making it easier for you to select products. If you research the products and their market then making money off the Facebook marketplace isn’t that difficult.

  • Starting an online business

    Facebook is all about starting your own online business, with the surge of Facebook’s popularity came its potential for starting online businesses. A lot of people have turned entrepreneurs because of the platform, and so can you. Going in-depth about the same, starting an online business on Facebook is really profitable. If you have a small e-commerce store that needs promotion then Facebook is the best platform for the same. You can really work on Facebook ads and scale the entire business, most people see phenomenal ROIs with new business ideas. Also, if you’re looking to start an online business and don’t know what you want to start it off with. Then we’d recommend starting a gift-making online business. You can probably source the raw materials for cheap and probably with a team of 5 members, you can get it off the ground. Starting an online business has never been easier and hence, if you’re looking to earn money through Facebook, you must try it.

  • Influencer marketing on Facebook

    The next big thing on Facebook is influencer marketing. There are tons of people out there ready to be suggested the next big thing. The only people who can do that, are people with influence. In this world of social media, people with influence are not only the people with money. People who have a ton of followers, make great content, and connect with people on a deeper level have more influence than others. This is what being an influencer entails. Influencer marketing on Facebook is one of the best ways to earn money through it. If you have an audience or people who trust you, then influencer marketing is for you. In this model, brands will come and approach you for endorsing their products on your social media handles. This benefits them because reaching so many people via Facebook ads is more expensive. Also, it benefits you because you can use your influence to earn money. This kind of client and agency relationship is called influencer marketing. However, there is another thing, equally good on the platform. This is called affiliate marketing. This is quite a simpler process. If you have certain levels of engagement on your Facebook page, then you can enroll in affiliate marketing programs for companies. These include Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and much more. Whenever someone shops using your affiliate link, you get a certain percentage of the sale. This percentage may vary per product and company. However, this is also a great way of earning money on Facebook, if you have the audience for it.

  • Selling through a Facebook fan page

    Selling through a Facebook fan page requires some effort, but is s great way to monetize the platform. If you have one or multiple fan pages on Facebook, that are doing well, then you can definitely use this tip to grow. However before we jump straight to how you can do it, let’s sort the basics out. Selling on Facebook has never been easy. This is because Facebook is a platform that people use to connect with friends and act up with their mates. However, if you abruptly start selling something to their face, they are just going to be deterred. However, if you want to sell something successfully on the platform then you need to be much more careful. The mantra that we recommend people follow to sell anything on Facebook is being useful, being genuine, and selling occasionally, which results in successful sales campaigns. To sell on a Facebook fan page, you don’t need to worry about content. Since you’re going to be making compilations of the entity that your fan page is about, the content comes from them, you just spin it. Now that you have an audience watching, try and contact brands and sell them something relevant. If you do this occasionally enough then you’ll get pretty good at it. This is one of the best ways that we can recommend to monetize your Facebook page.

  • Buy Facebook followers

    Buying engagement on Facebook is not something everyone talks about. This is because most people consider it harmful for their profiles and hence won’t recommend the same to anyone else. However, this is something we have expertise in. Buying Facebook followers increases your overall engagement rates if you buy them from a reliable place. Also, it adds to your social proof, making more people want to be a part of your community. If you’re looking for the best websites to buy Facebook followers from, then we recommend using viralyft, getviral, and socialpros.


We’re sure the above-mentioned five actionable will help you monetize your Facebook profile. Since most people are confused about what to do, the intent of this article was to give clarity to people who’re looking for it. Hence we hope you follow these tips if you want to make a buck on Facebook. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!