40 days from the return of the “Dakar Saudi 2022” rally … the most demanding in the world of motorsport

The Dakar Rally returns in less than 40 days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the third consecutive time, from 1 to 14 January 2022. The pace of work is currently in full swing, to ensure the integration of preparations to submit a version model in all aspects; To keep up with the Kingdom’s position as a new home for motorsports, especially as this edition will be the largest in terms of number of participants.

The Dakar Rally, which takes place over 14 days, is considered one of the hardest experiences in motorsport, and the most demanding in the world of motorsport and rally, for over 9000 km, crossing the most beautiful landscapes and archaeological areas of the Kingdom.

The 44th edition of the Dakar Rally features a completely new track that includes many areas encompassing different types of terrain, where competitors will face new challenges after making many radical changes to the track, which will increase the level of suspense and excitement and add mysterious challenges to the pilots, and will depart from the Hail desert. , heading to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to enjoy a day of rest, before continuing their challenge on the Kingdom ground and its crypto-filled sand dunes to land in the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah city, which marks the end of the gathering.

Soon the track and its details will be revealed, which will offer greater levels of excitement, suspense and fun than in the previous two editions of the rally in Saudi Arabia.In the heart of the Saudi desert, challenging the secrets of its terrain and sand dunes.

Off the track, the 2022 Saudi Dakar Rally will see several major changes to the sporting regulations, building on previous efforts to ensure equal competition opportunities. in terms of navigation and to slow down the vehicles to make the race safer (motorcycle category). at the start of each stage, which is a test of the riders’ navigational skills. While the course booklet already highlights danger zones, runners will now also receive audible alerts as they approach these areas to keep them alert. Dangerous and complex areas such as “slow zones” where the maximum speed will be limited to 90 km / h.

In order to improve safety measures for competitors, it has become mandatory to wear airbag jackets, in how much they can reduce the severity of injuries in case of serious collision, and their presence will be confirmed and evaluated by the officers during the technical examination phase, furthermore, after the imposition of penalties for the replacement of the engine in the last years To urge the pilots to drive with caution, penalties will be applied of time for piston replacement even if the rest of the engine components remain the same.

In line with the general aim of urging competitors to take care of their vehicles, motorcyclists will not be allowed to work on their bikes at petrol stations, as the 15 minute stop will be limited to refueling and rest.

Over the course of more than 4 decades, the Dakar Rally has aroused excitement for both drivers and spectators, winding its way through breathtaking tracks in Africa, America and Europe. The race appeared for the first time in Asia in 2020, when riders began challenging the dunes, hills and plains of the Saudi desert, marking the beginning of the Dakar adventure in its third season, in what some veterans participating in the Dakar have described as one of the most beautiful races in the history of rallying. This year, the Dakar Rally will be held in Saudi Arabia for the third consecutive year as part of a ten-year agreement between the Kingdom and Amauri Sport, the owner of the Dakar Rally.

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